April 25, 2021

Skáldskapr: Freedom of thought.

Today I would like to discuss the idea for thinking for ourselves. To fully engage in this conversation we must dig deep into our our psyche to discover how our thoughts and morals are constructed. We must venture beyond Pavlov, beyond all the philosophers before him, to fully understand the necessity of belonging.

Skáldskapr: The path of right.

The issue with the modern world we live in, is that we’ve moved away from a fact-checking world to accepting the perception of much of the world around us. This fundamental change has seemingly caused more destruction to much of the social fabric that humans had woven up to the release of technology. Most are content with the acceptance of the half-based truths that splash across their social media feeds.

Skáldskapr: Dealing with Superiority

There has been a sense of superiority over others throughout the history of humans. Originally, I think that this was created by those who were stronger, better hunters, better connected to the spiritual world around them. As one can see, there has always been a sense of pride that has clouded the human mind regarding others.

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