December 26, 2021

Understanding spirituality.

So, we would like to open our discussions here to include my studies of spirituality that has spanned decades of study, through a multitude of cultures. As a practicing Norse Ulfhednar and Shaman, my desire is to explain the teachings…

Skáldskapr: How does religion affect psychology?

Today I’d like to discuss how religion affects our basic psychology, as many of you have asked me how that works. This is a great question, and I think it deserves a thorough discussion, because I feel that most people don’t understand even by thinking that “my spirituality has nothing to do with me as a person”, does it make it right, and I strongly disagree with the premise. This is especially true when an individual declares a lack of faith in anything spiritually related at all. I propose that our entire psychological foundation is built upon values established by monotheistic practices which has mutated from a dependence on honor and truth, to the population control paradigm it has become. The most basic of constructs within our mind is based on values of “good” or “bad” that was instituted and “programmed” into our psyche from before our physical birth, most often inadvertently by the previous generations (no offense to the moms and dads here). These core understandings establishes the cornerstones to what we will interpret any information received. This then becomes our knowledge, and ultimately our wisdom. However, I want to be sure I separate the theology from the practice, as monotheistic theology makes complete sense, however, the horrible methods of conversion and implementation of the monotheistic practices across the globe needs to be identified as the psychological “brain washing” and domineering population control it is.

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