April 29, 2022

Kvé∂a with Susan Jane

A discussion with Susan Jane The Alaska Ulfhé∂nar is proud to introduce a wonderful guest and fellow partitioner in this Kvé∂a of Gal∂r magic. This conversation with Susan Jane, the Intuitist, a published author, inspirational speaker, life/business mentor, and Event…

Vores Interviews

Welcome to our interview section, where we list our available interviews. While the public releases are available, they consist of only about 10 minutes of the actual interview. If you are interested in hearing the whole interview, please visit our…

Discussion with Lois Hollis

In this interview, the Shaman sat down with Lois Hollis to discuss the psychological effects of Shame and Guilt on modern day societal psyche. Join them to hear the full interview on our Patreon site. Or, listen to the public…

Power Energy

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