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Once again teaching the world Love and Peace.

The Alaska Úlfhé∂nar finds the commonality among many different practices and understandings and seeks to find harmony among all. Using the ancient understandings of his Celtic-Norse ancestry the Úlfhé∂nar teaches of peace and love.
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Alaska Úlfhé∂nar wants to give many thanks for the awesome talent of Danheim who has offered to allow us to use his music as the backdrop for the podcast. Please visit his site and express your appreciation for his wonderful gift of music.

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Prayers and Energies Sent

We here at the Alaska Úlfhé∂nar pray for the peoples of Ukraine, as well as the peoples of Russia who are against this unprovoked attack of another nation of the world. We send forth the energy necessary to repel the invaders back to their own lands, may the strength never leave your hands, and the sight be with you.

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Spiritual beliefs are thoughts and feelings that provide us with congruence between the heart and mind. This allows us to become complete as we obtain balance between thought and emotions. By maintaining a sense of love and peace within our minds, we are capable of connecting and transmitting spiritual energy for healing, as well as gaining knowledge and wisdom. We understand that it is by obtaining clarity of mind and aura, that we can experience a clear understanding of the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors as well as the deities.

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All of us are here on the physical plane of this existence we call life, to learn emotional control that we may ascend to the understanding of pure empathy, so as to join our ancestors when we pass from this existence. To fully embrace this life, we must open our heart to fully experience the emotional life we choose.
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