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Once again teaching the world Love and Peace.

The Alaska Úlfhé∂nar finds the commonality among many different practices and understandings and seeks to find harmony among all. Using the ancient understandings of his Celtic-Norse ancestry the Úlfhé∂nar teaches of peace and love.
Dr. Mark Weisman D.D.
Proudly serves his communities (both online and off) as both: a counselor for individuals suffering from debilitating psychological trauma, as well as an active, working Celtic-Norse Shaman. His beliefs are that the health of the spiritual self dictates the physical and mental health of the physical self. He comes from a very long line of Germanic Danes from Northern Denmark (Bjereby Sogn), as well as 12 generations from Southern Ireland (Co. Waterford). After extensive studies in religious practices throughout the world, he has arrived at his Celtic/Norse roots. He has come to understand the relationships between the spiritual and physical planes of existence, and constantly work to help individuals understand their position in that relationship.
Alaska Úlfhé∂nar wants to give many thanks for the awesome talent of Danheim who has offered to allow us to use his music as the backdrop for the podcast. Please visit his site and express your appreciation for his wonderful gift of music.

The Turn to Final

Chapter One

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"Our spirituality influences our everyday lives, as well as what we think we know. Whether we subscribe to a religious practice or not is irrelevant."

-Turn to Final
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Daily Posts: Lessons of Living

Understanding the world around us during our everyday travels. The Shaman has started a "daily diary" of sort as he seeks to find harmony and balance in this modern day world of hustle & bustle that mankind has built. Learning to recognize the value and learning opportunity in the simple things and events around us that many are completely unaware of.

Tune in to our social media channels and our blog to keep up on his thoughts.

Lessons of Living

Shaman's News


In the background we have been making a lot of visual changes around the securing of the new "official" logo for the Shaman.


The Shaman is now releasing the weekly podcast in video format. Be sure to visit his YouTube channel at YouTube/akulfhednar


This period has seen a rise in individuals interested in developing their own sense of spirituality. Being able to step away from the societally assigned taboos of spirituality allows us the freedom to connect with that spirituality is all around us. The Shaman has been working with several groups in helping to discover, or maintain their relationships with the spiritual realm.

Health Checks

The Shaman visited several individuals confined to hospitals and home care, as well as meeting with many others over the phone and internet over these last several days.

The Runes

This Month's Rune - Sowilo (pronouced So-ilol)
The literal translation is "Sun", which as you know is central to all of existence. For the light and the warmth provided by our brother, the sun, is one of the fundamental keys to survivial.

Sowilo is a very central rune within divination as it represents having the faith in outcomes, our life's purpose, honor, goals, success, hope, and guidance. One of the major factors to consider about Sowilo is that it brings with it the light and warmth of the world. Sowilo is central to the needs of other Runes that speak to the harvest and the planting of each year's crops, therefore it should be central to our intrinsic seasons as well, helping us to grow during the appropriate times in our lives.


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The Shaman's Weekly Podcast Messages

This month the Shaman introduced several important topics for living our life to the fullest, and achieving all those dreams we have. Frequently he spoke of living intentionally, and being courageous enough to use our free will to change our trajectory through our path of discovery. By not subscribing to the Fates, but willfully manifest the destiny our spiritual selves desire.

Within these discussions, the Alaska Úlfhé∂nar recognizes Galdr magic and those individuals who join the discussion online. For all of those who joined us along the journey, Thank you.



Skáldskapr: Embracing our individual Spirituality

Many people have come to me and inquired that their interpretation of spirituality was so different than mine, how do I reconcile them? The question that immediately comes to mind is I wonder why I have any need to. Herein lies the true understanding of spirituality, everyone interprets it differently, and that’s ok. Today I’d like to speak to the …

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Åndernes Vogtere


Skáldskapr: Supremacy is Perception

Shaman’s Teachings Alaska Úlfhé∂nar Skáldskapr: Supremacy is Perception Release Date: July 5th, 2023 In this episode the Shaman responds to many who have contacted him about either racial or sexual supremacy in response to his stance about this subject. The Shaman recognizes the value of all life on the planet and recognizes that each brings forth a different perspective that …

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To hear the message , redelivered and joined by the community, please see our Patreon site for the

Åndernes Vogtere

This month's podcast messages centered around a perception of inequality. Whether identifying racial, sexual, or any other type of supremacy, we know that supremacy is the sign of a weak connection to the spiritual self, and a uncontrolled ego. We hope that you are able to use the individual meditation exercises and meditation topics to find this energy and simplicity for your own lives to ensure our spiritual connection to the ancestors is strong.

Sharing matters to us

All of us are here on the physical plane of this existence we call life, to learn emotional control that we may ascend to the understanding of pure empathy, so as to join our ancestors when we pass from this existence. To fully embrace this life, we must open our heart to fully experience the emotional life we choose.
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This Shaman answered your Questions.

  1. Shaman, I feel that life is overwhelming me at times. I find myself depressed a lot. How can I overcome this? My dearest friend, this can happen, especially given the negativity all around us in this modern times. The key is to focus on those chemical events that you can control and not on the things you cannot. In other words, your reaction to the events outside of yourself is something you can control, whereas the events themselves you may have no authority over. Take time each day to focus on your emotional state, establishing boundaries within your mind as to what you will respond to versus what you will not. When an event occurs that creates an emotional response in you, ask yourself why this is occurring. Take time before responding, as we know the immediate responses are most often of retaliation and not of thoughtful exchanges. As we begin to peel away the "programmed" responses we have, I believe we will begin to acquire a peace that is our natural way. Keep in mind that we were created and exist in a state of relaxation and enjoyment, the stresses of life are contrary to our mental peace.

Ask the Shaman

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Spiritual beliefs are thoughts and feelings that provide us with congruence between the heart and mind. This allows us to become complete as we obtain balance between thought and emotions. By maintaining a sense of love and peace within our minds, we are capable of connecting and transmitting spiritual energy for healing, as well as gaining knowledge and wisdom. We understand that it is by obtaining clarity of mind and aura, that we can experience a clear understanding of the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors as well as the deities.

Alaska Úlfhé∂nar

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