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Once again teaching the world Love and Peace.

The Alaska Úlfhé∂nar finds the commonality among many different practices and understandings and seeks to find harmony among all. Using the ancient understandings of his Celtic-Norse ancestry the Úlfhé∂nar teaches of peace and love.

"Åndens Gave" is Danish for "Gift of Spirit"
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Alaska Úlfhé∂nar wants to give many thanks for the awesome talent of Danheim who has offered to allow us to use his music as the backdrop for the podcast. Please visit his site and express your appreciation for his wonderful gift of music.
Dr. Mark Weisman D.D.
Proudly serves his communities (both online and off) as both: a counselor for individuals suffering from debilitating psychological trauma, as well as an active, working Celtic-Norse Shaman. His beliefs are that the health of the spiritual self dictates the physical and mental health of the physical self. He comes from a very long line of Germanic Danes from Northern Denmark (Bjereby Sogn), as well as 12 generations from Southern Ireland (Co. Waterford). After extensive studies in religious practices throughout the world, he has arrived at his Celtic/Norse roots. He has come to understand the relationships between the spiritual and physical planes of existence, and constantly work to help individuals understand their position in that relationship.

The Turn to Final

Chapter One

"Our spirituality influences our everyday lives, as well as what we think we know. Whether we subscribe to a religious practice
or not is irrelevant. There are spiritual entities who inhabit this plane of existence with us who can alter our most basic thoughts. This fact should cause a moment of pause. If nothing else, consider that seriously and take time to consider the impact of spirituality on both our intrinsic intelligence and ultimately our behavior within society."

-Turn to Final
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Daily Posts: Lessons of Living

Understanding the world around us during our everyday travels. The Shaman has started a "daily diary" of sort as he seeks to find harmony and balance in this modern day world of hustle & bustle that mankind has built. Learning to recognize the value and learning opportunity in the simple things and events around us that many are completely unaware of.

Tune in to our social media channels and our blog to keep up on his thoughts.

Lessons of Living

Shaman's News

Mid Sólmánuõun - The Shaman spent time at the Alaska Scottish Highland Games that took place in Palmer, Alaska (Alaska State Fairgrounds) and met many wonderful people who are seeking to embrace their Celtic heritage. A wonderful time was had.

Sólmánuõun - We are working on changing up the newsletter to bring it twice a month instead of just once and changing the name to the Shaman's Danish. With so much going on, we are going to only present one or two of the shows per newsletter instead of a whole month. We'll also be including more of these news briefs so as to update you when and where the Shaman might be near you.

The Runes

This Month's Rune - Fehu (pronouced Fey - who)
Fehu is the first letter of the Nordic Runes. It represents new beginnings, as well as young love and first impressions. However Fehu is really about energy control. Originally the definition luck was contained when speaking of Fehu, however, it really was more about living out of the present moment. Too often we are distracted from our life's goal by deadlines, appointment times and dates, never really living in the moment, but always feeling as if we are waiting on the next event. The literal translation of Fehu was cattle. But just as importantly is the mental state of being in the moment, like the cow. No agenda, no timeline to be somewhere, simply enjoying the moment we live in. Great lessons can be taken from the animals of the earth, for they can teach us much about living for the now.


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The Shaman's Weekly Podcast Messages

This month the Shaman introduced several important topics for living our life to the fullest, and achieving all those dreams we have. Frequently he spoke of living intentionally, and being courageous enough to use our free will to change our trajectory through our path of discovery. By not subscribing to the Fates, but willfully manifest the destiny our spiritual selves desire.

Within these discussions, the Alaska Úlfhé∂nar recognizes Galdr magic and those individuals who join the discussion online. For all of those who joined us along the journey, Thank you.

Sólmánuõun 2023

Fourth Week of June


Skáldskapr: Incorporating culture in everyday life.

Shaman’s Teachings Alaska Úlfhé∂nar Incorporating Culture into Everyday Life June 28th, 2023 Understanding the energy transmission between our ancestors and our everyday life helps us to learn to control the emotional responses that our physical from may incite. Every minute of every day spiritual beings are passing energy to us to either: Build us up, or assist them in building …

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Third Week of June

Skáldskapr: Manifestation on the Physical Plane

Alaska Úlfhé∂nar Shaman’s Teachings Skáldskapr: Manifestation on the Physical Plane June 21st, 2023 In this episode the Shaman addresses the control of energies within our scope of influence, as well as those energies that may influence us in our quest to manifest certain things or people in our lives. He discusses the potential of the universe developing a path that …

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Second Week of June


Skáldskapr: Loss of our Societal Culture

Alaska Úlfhé∂nar Shaman’s Teachings Skáldskapr: Loss of our Societal Culture Release Date: June 14th, 2023 In this episode the Shaman discusses our loss of connection between our modern day living and that of societal culture of antiquity which would have included our spiritual understanding. in this discussion the Shaman talks about how our loss with our culture has separated us …

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First Week of June

Skáldskapr: The Energy of Manifestation

Shaman’s Teachings Alaska Úlfhé∂nar Shaman’s Teachings Skáldskapr: The Energy of Manifestation Release Date: June 7th, 2023 In this episode the Shaman discusses the use of intrinsic and external energies in the process of manifestation, while ensuring that our desires for modern day trinkets are not of importance to the universe. He delivers a message about understanding that sometimes the path …

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This month's podcast messages centered around the cosmic energy all around us and our management of that energy for our benefit. Many of the messages brought the idea of simplicity into our lives, maybe for the first time. We hope that you are able to use the individual meditation exercises and meditation topics to find this energy and simplicity for your own lives.

Sharing matters to us

All of us are here on the physical plane of this existence we call life, to learn emotional control that we may ascend to the understanding of pure empathy, so as to join our ancestors when we pass from this existence. To fully embrace this life, we must open our heart to fully experience the emotional life we choose.
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This Shaman answered your Questions.

  1. Why don't I feel very successful? Typically it is because we search extrinsically for our signals of success, yet intrinsically for the signals of failure. Being able to change our mindset to recognize intrinsically those things that make us truly happy and relax us instead of allowing an external force dictate happiness.
  2. I work hard for a living, but it seems like I am barely getting by? Because you seem to be measuring yourself against the local community in which you have surrounded yourself with, you are setting your measurements against impossible standards. You are not them, you are you. Try to focus you attention on finding what makes you happy, not them.
  3. Happiness requires money to pay bills and obtain freedom? I disagree. Many people throughout the world, and throughout our ancestry have found happiness with actions and time that is free. All too often many of us get caught up in the modern-day world of thinking that money equals freedom and happiness, yet looking around in nature, not a single tree or blade of grass has a dollar, yet they are happy.
  4. Do the actions and understandings of our ancestors work today? They most absolutely do. Our ancestors may have engaged in activities that we are not proud of, however, they did it with the right heart, and during the right times of the year. The remainder of their lives was centered around loving family and their lands. A message that we all may need to review from time to time to ensure we remember what happiness is.
  5. What is the key to happiness? The key to happiness is to find contentment. Not for tomorrow or next week, but for the today. This moment. Then, repeat the process in the next moment, continuing to do so until there isn't anything else. Another factor that will go a long way here is to simplify our lives. Stop chasing everything, start living for the moment. Start your journey toward simplicity.

Ask the Shaman

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Spiritual beliefs are thoughts and feelings that provide us with congruence between the heart and mind. This allows us to become complete as we obtain balance between thought and emotions. By maintaining a sense of love and peace within our minds, we are capable of connecting and transmitting spiritual energy for healing, as well as gaining knowledge and wisdom. We understand that it is by obtaining clarity of mind and aura, that we can experience a clear understanding of the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors as well as the deities.

Alaska Úlfhé∂nar

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