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Skáldskapr: Spirituality in Mental Health

Shaman’s Teachings Alaska Úlfhé∂nar Shaman’s Teachings Skáldskapr: Spirituality in Mental Health Release Date: August 2nd, 2023 In this episode the Shaman describes the interaction between the many different energy sources, and our base psychology. He discusses where this energy comes from, and whether we recognize it or not the influence into our thought process. The Shaman also goes further to …

Life Lesson from Tuesday 8/1/2023

Today, as I rose from my bed and ventured outside, I noted that, once again mother Alaska had changed her outlook on existence, as she wiped the clouds from the sky leaving a beautiful brother sun, and blue skies and it made me think about our own existences. I wondered about how we can move our outlooks from that of …
Life Lesson from Tuesday 8/1/2023
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The book "Turn to Final" is available in many fine book retailers around the world. It speaks to understanding the spiritual realm around us and teaches us to understand that we are on an educational journey that can received no where else in all of existence.

The book provides meditative exercises to allow us to ensure what we know is accurate and what we really believe. An excellent sources for the new and old searching for answers as to why we are really here.

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