Whispers of the Norse

Whispers of the Norse

Teaching the world to find the spiritual balance within their own spiritual journey.

We're actually taking a couple of weeks off to re-tool the show, the production, and certainly the way the message is delivered. We hope that you'll enjoy the new show and be willing to share it with others.

New Season (Season 4) begins April 24th on YouTube

We always welcome your feedback and perspective on any of the posts the Shaman has provided, so feel free to reach out at shaman@akulfhednar.com.

Here in late Skammdegi we are investigating relocating the weekly "Whispers of the Norse" show to television. AppleTV, and others are currently being looked at. Have a favorite? Let us know.

Do you feel yourself called by the Ancestors?

Upcoming Events

  • 7 April - Global Drumming Gathering (Live on YouTube).
  • 14 April - Norse New Year!! Celebration!.
  • 24 April - Season 4 Starts with an re-introduction and tour of the new show.

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This month you may have noticed that Mark has decided that the production team he was using was making the message more of a theatrical experience than the actual "real world" that he wanted to convey. So, starting here in Season 4, there is a new format, and a new production company (Infinite Visions Productions) who are going to let Mark, just be Mark.

While this may be conflicting for some, Mark's message has always been that there is always hope for redemption and success, and that the truth lies within the inner part of our minds. This year, most of each show will be Mark just being Mark, explaining the information given to him by the spirits and how he has applied it to both his, and many other's lives. For all of those who joined us along the journey, Thank you.

The Weekly Messages

To be continued...

Mark has begun production on Season 4 and we anticipate the first, of what should be, a great new adventure in understanding the "rubber on the road" when applying the spiritual understandings he has received to the events in our everyday lives. In the removal of any part that was not authentic to Mark and the way Mark works, he has completely overhauled the show and we are very excited to see what it looks like.

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All of us are here on the physical plane of this existence we call life, to learn emotional control that we may ascend to the understanding of pure empathy, so as to join our ancestors when we pass from this existence. To fully embrace this life, we must open our heart to fully experience the emotional life we choose.
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Spiritual beliefs are thoughts and feelings that provide us with congruence between the heart and mind. This allows us to become complete as we obtain balance between thought and emotions. By maintaining a sense of love and peace within our minds, we are capable of connecting and transmitting spiritual energy for healing, as well as gaining knowledge and wisdom. We understand that it is by obtaining clarity of mind and aura, that we can experience a clear understanding of the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors as well as the deities.

Whispers of the Norse

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