Show Credits

Created with:

Our wonderful distribution host, and family for the show

Show filmed digitally in 4K on cameras by:

Show recorded with, and produced on, machines and software by:

Apple iMovie, Movie Edit Pro

Audio recording provided on the Zoom V3 vocal processor:

Post-Production and audio editing on:

Post-Production and video editing completed with:


Show created, and written by
Mark Weisman


Directed by: Mark Weisman


Grandfather – Mark Weisman
Mark Weisman (Shaman) – Self

Audio Engineer: JA Weisman


Video Editor: Mark Weisman
Infinite Visions Studios


Set Construction: ED Weisman


Of course, Moral support by Astrid


Whispers of the Norse and Alaska Úlfhé∂nar are the trademark property of:

Alaska Outlaws LLC

Wardrobe and Props

Working on adding wardrobe designers and suppliers here.

Never Forget

Our wonderful friends and family at:

Our wonderful Danish Heritage on display at Sagnlandet Lejre (Land of Legends) Located about 40 minutes outside Copenhagen, Denmark.

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