The Book – Turn to Final

The Turn to Final

By: Dr. Mark Weisman

The Turn to Final is a textbook that scientifically lays out an in-depth understanding of spirituality at its very core. Written by Mark Weisman, who uses a spiritual channeling connection with one of his ancestors, an Úlfhé∂inn of early Scandinavia, who outlines the bridge between the spiritual energy of the universe and our physical existence. Throughout the book he lays out methods of controlling our own energy to establish a life filled with peace and harmony with all that around us. Stripping away the controlling mechanisms of many of today’s religious practices, he brings the simplicity of the fundamental energies of all of existence. Mark lays out his personal path to arrive at his path of practicing Shamanism, and helping others to discover their path as well.

The Turn to Final utilizes the study and understandings obtained within Mark’s rich Celtic/Norse cultural heritage. It answers the many questions about the reality of how human existence is connected to the spiritual world around, and within us. A must read for those who require physical evidence for any belief in spirituality. Not to be confused with theories about how spirituality works, this is the actual workings of the universe in its natural state. In as such, the book demonstrates the similarities of many different spiritual understandings, and how difference allows us to have a better perspective of our own place in time and space.

In the book, published by Blue Fortune Enterprises, Mark covers the many different aspects to help us understand where we are within the universe of energy. By identifying the evolution of both: our body’s natural physiology, as well as the development of psychology, he explains how the universal (or spiritual) energy effects us every minute of every day. Breaking down the transfer of energy using some basic quantum physics explanations, he demonstrates how each of us has come to the place we are, and that we always possess the internal energy necessary to make a change.

While some may not fully understand his identification of separating the spirituality from the religious practices that have evolved over the millennia, he explains that most religions of the world do contain a level of spirituality, going on to point out where many practices have devolved from a society adopting of a particular practice, to a population control mechanism.

Finally, he explains how each of us can use this absorbed energy to make positive changes in our lives, and the lives of others. By understanding, and managing our own energies we can have positive effect on others, both human and not, throughout the world. A positive message in some of the world’s most troubling times.

Teaching about Reality

The book is grouped into major influences from antiquity into our modern day existences, the book is divided into seven chapters:

  1. Welcome chapter that speaks to my journey, and how I came to know the information contained within the book. At the end of chapter one, the book offers some basic ideas for meditation to help us begin to identify emotional triggers within our mind.
  2. The Evolution of the Self speaks to understanding the human journey that began some 100 thousand years ago, and how the human body has evolved to what we know today. At the end of chapter two, the book offers some basic ideas for meditation to recognize the influences that your mind and body have about the ancestral heritage that was used to construct a very unique you.
  3. Our Emotional Intelligence speaks about understanding how knowledge and wisdom is created within the human mind. Explaining the benefits and pitfalls of ancestral knowledge being added to our unconsciousness every minute of every day. At the end of chapter three, the book offers some basic ideas for meditation to begin the explorations into our deepest beliefs and their reasoning.
  4. Spiritual Understanding speaks about the quantum physics involved in transference of energy from the spiritual realm to the physical one. It identifies how this energy is then digested by the human body and mind, sometimes creating belief systems that, upon closer inspection, leaves large gaps in our life’s knowledge. At the end of chapter four, the book offers some basic ideas for meditation to begin recognizing the spiritual influences around us and how they may alter our perception of reality.
  5. Pray, Worship & Magic speaks about how these practices and or processes occur, both in nature and by our design. The chapter speaks to the later monotheistic practices absconding with these practices and relabeling them to meet a different narrative. Just as importantly the chapter speaks about how we can implement these practices into our daily lives. At the end of chapter five, the book offers some basic ideas for meditation to begin our understanding of prayers and spells, as well as the power magic has on the physical plane. A clear-cut guide to exploring the use of magic in our lives.
  6. Interpretations of the Modern Day speaks to recognizing the influences that enter our lives and how we can maintain a mental discipline to replace some of the influences to obtain balance and harmony within our own existence. At the end of chapter six, the book offers some basic ideas for meditation to establish behaviors and mindsets to begin the process of taking back control of our lives from the fates and manifest our own destiny.
  7. Where do we go from here is the final chapter and offers hope as to how we can implement some simple changes in our lives that will have substantial impact in how our mind operates as well as how we interact with the world around us. Finally, the last chapter offers some ideas as to creating a routine of meditation that will allow us to continue to heal and grow in our spiritual understanding and affiliation.


Released: MAY 10th, 2023

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