Velkommen til Alaska Úlfhédnars hjem. en shaman-kriger salvet af Ódinn til at lære folkene sandheden om sameksistens og fred. Jeg tilbyder en dybdegående forståelse af den åndelige verden omkring os, og jeg beder dig om at komme ind og se dig omkring og lære sandheden om åndeligt liv. Lyt til vores ugentlige podcast, mens jeg diskuterer de ældgamle måder at hjælpe med at løse moderne problemer på.

Welcome to the home of the Alaska Úlfhé∂nar. a shaman-warrior anointed by Ódinn to teach the people the truth about co-existence and peace. offering an in-depth understanding of the spiritual world around us, providing a bond between the beliefs of antiquity and the scientific mental processing of the modern-day world. I ask that you come in with an open mind, and an open heart, feel free to look around and learn the truth of spiritual living. Tune in to our weekly podcast as I discuss the ancient ways to help work through modern problems.

If you have discovered this site in a quest to support injustice or division, you’ve found the wrong site. If you have come here in search of supporting some “Viking” narrative, again, you’re at the wrong site. 

If you have found this site in your quest for spiritual enlightenment, and clarity, then you are in the right place. The Alaska Úlfhé∂nar is a site for exploring the underlying beliefs of the pre-Christian Celtic/Norse Danes and provides an understanding of the spiritual realm that has existed before time itself. While the Alaska Úlfhé∂nar is a direct descendent of over 25 generations of Celtic-Danish ancestry, he offers an insight into living a full life here on earth by recognizing the spiritual knowledge of his ancestry, and contrasting it against the scientific discovery based generations of today.

Why a Shaman?

In the days of my ancestors, the men and women who understood the connection between the spiritual realm and that of man, were called Shamans (or Druids). In those days of antiquity, they too wielded the understandings within the power of magic, and had formed an alliance with the Landvætti (land spirits) for assistance with earthly tasks. As a third generation American born Celtic-Dane Úlfhé∂nar I have discovered, and embraced my ancestry, my heritage, and the culture they created. As a formerly ordained minister of the Christian church, I have discovered that the teachings within that practice are not congruent with my beliefs nor my understandings, and therefore I have returned to my ancestral beliefs and practices to find peace, joy, and most of all happiness. I have embraced a life of simplicity, and have applied the nine noble virtues of my ancestors to every part of my life, while constantly seeking the counsel of my spiritual ancestors.

Our Destiny

The contents of this site speak to the human race’s destiny of harmony and coexistence. The understanding and collaboration with spiritual entities to obtain the knowledge of how emotional connections to physical sensory input that can alter what we think we know. To discover the “universal love” and gain the experiences of empathy and sympathy for others to construct the wisdom of true co-existence and peace of mind. All of this is to better understand our individual paths of learning and discovery of emotional intelligence.

Discarding current mainstream monotheistic practices, the Alaska Úlfhé∂nar uses the ways of his ancestors to bring to light the underlying differences between spirituality and religion. Using Forn Sidr, he teaches a path forward to cooperation and harmony with both the physical and spiritual planes of existence, while teaching individual lessons of self-discovery and spiritual wisdom to help us better understand our own intrinsic psychology.

What is a Úlfhé∂nar you may ask? Firstly, how do you pronounce Úlfhé∂nar? Let’s spell it phonetically, “oolv-heth-nahr”, and in the Old Norse language it meant “Wolf Pelt”. I encourage you to look through the page that I have dedicated to explaining both: what the legend of the Úlfhé∂nar is, as well as my personal journey to accepting my birthright as a sworn Úlfhé∂nar of Celtic-Dane descent.

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As an anointed Úlfhé∂nar (by birthright) I have chosen to travel a different spiritual path based on that knowledge gained, and wisdom earned from my years in academia, as well as the connections I have discovered to the Landvætti (Land Spirits) in the hope of helping others to conquer their own mental challenges. As a long-serving spiritual counselor for my veteran brethren who have returned home from the overseas conflict, I have witnessed, first-hand, the psychological carnage created by the enforcement of the organized monotheistic religious practices of the modern day. I have personally examined these conditions at their deepest level, beyond theology, under the ideology, through psychology, and into the realm of philosophy. With thousands of hours spent unraveling the misguided interpretations of basic life principles, I have engaged in a personal journey of helping others to achieve an even deeper understanding of joy and harmony in their own lives, with the release of stresses brought on unnecessarily by the implementation of the monotheistic practices. I have sought, and received the understanding of the “mysterious powers” within the natural world. Discovering through trances and meditation the wisdom of Kvasir, by drinking the mead of O∂rerir, I strive to pass this wisdom to the listeners of my teachings. The Úlfhé∂nar of the Old Norse were the “shaman-warriors” with the ability to include the Landvætti in their attacks against the enemies of the day by using the natural powers of “mother earth”.  In addition, the Úlfhé∂nar were specialists with the weapon systems of their day and while teaching the message of peace and harmony, were capable of defending the weak and the innocent.

The Reasoning

The collection of podcasts, videos, and social media posts are intended to educate the peoples in the “acceptance of differences” in their quest for co-existence among all peoples of the lands. The teachings channel the wisdom and knowledge of the Alaska Úlfhé∂nar, through Dr. Mark Weisman across a public forum to all of those who are willing to hear the message, and learn the truth of the spiritual realm around us. Stripping away the labels of modern day practices, we arrive at the simplicity of understanding, and establishment of harmony among all who come here. For those who seek wisdom and clarity of the spiritual influences we have in our lives, come forth and hear the teachings of the Shaman, and Alaskan Úlfhé∂nar.

The Psychology

The Alaska Úlfhé∂nar has given great insight to Dr. Mark Weisman as to the psychological effects experienced by most modern-day humans from their attempted departure from the spiritual sources. The disconnect from the universal love given by the spiritual realm which has been tossed aside as “evil” or in some cases illegal, in the quest for material gains within our physical lifetimes. Dr. Weisman applies the simplicity of pre-Christian Celtic-Norse beliefs to address the genetic/chemical combination that is the human mind. By addressing emotionally charged memories and helping individuals to build concrete steps forward to a trajectory of co-existence and understanding.

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