Hvisken fra Nordmanden (Whispers of the Norse)



Hosted by: The Alaska Úlfhé∂nar.





A path to healing.

Just an average man who was discovered by the spirits of his own ancestral heritage to travel a different path. This revelation would lead to a multi-decade path of spiritual growth and learning from his own family’s ancestors of antiquity. From these lessons would come an understanding of our modern-day physical existence and beyond. These explorations would lead to the expansion of a consciousness that would bridge our human mind to that of a spiritual realm, to a place of infinite intellect and wisdom, thereby achieving a personal enlightenment. As former military member, and recovered heroin addict, the knowledge relayed from these spiritual relationships have offered a detailed insight into the physical behaviors caused by the influence of energies around us. Whether healing the mind, or the body, understanding our interactivity with the spiritual portion of our existence is a critical element in establishing a well-balanced physical and mental health.

This show is about offering different perspectives and ideas to obtain a stability within the mind and spirit to reclaim peace and harmony. Using universal truths offered by the spiritual travels in an effort to achieve the balance between the physical and spiritual selves, to become whole again. Free from the pressure of judgement, dogma, or shame, our Shaman Mark Weisman, the Alaskan Úlfhé∂nar, follows his birthright as an Ancestral Norse Shaman and Celtic Druid and, now, as an experienced spiritual guide. Helping others to achieve a harmony within the physical, mental, and spiritual selves to arrive at a place of putting the past behind you and living a more fulfilling, peaceful life.

Expanding our consciousness.

The show presents ideas to gain insights into embracing a better mental space.

Grænseflade med Shamanen

(Interfacing with the Shaman)

Beginning on June 15th, 2024, the Whispers of the Norse (akulfhednar channel) can be viewed on Ethereal TV, a streaming channel dedicated to the spiritual growth of our viewers.

Each week, we publish a collection of clips from the morning shows (Belysning) in one large collection called Skaldskapr. This show is available in both video and audio formats.

Each weekday Morning at 6:55 AM (Alaska Time)

All the time via Social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, X and many others)

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