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As a team, our hope is to bring the message of the Shaman to the world, using whatever technology is available. The Shaman’s message of acceptance and understanding allows many to embrace the peace, and hope of our lives here on earth. We joined forces with the Shaman after hearing his message and worked fervently to further carry his messages to the Internet where he has become even more popular than he was before. Our team supports the Shaman with the use of technology to distribute his messages throughout the world.

Our beloved Shaman

Mark Weisman is a modern-day Shaman and sworn Úlfhe∂nar to his ancestral Gods, Ó∂inn and Freyja in Asgard by Norse legend. As a former Pastor with the Christian church, he has studied religions extensively throughout the world, and ultimately being called to a Shaman, he arrived at his cultural, spiritual home of the Celtic-Norse. With several advanced academic degrees, he has developed successful methods of dealing with psychological trauma thereby helping his friends to build coping mechanisms to get back to their lives filled with joy and comfort. As a sworn Úlfhe∂nar, his primary mission is to use his gift from his Gods to help friends and family overcome their obstacles and see their way to a successful life’s journey. He produces a simplistic message of love, peace, and hope, by the teaching of, and the demonstration of, the wisdom of his ancestors.

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Shaman’s Support Team

Executive Producer:

Melody Drummond

Melody is the hands and legs for the show, working with all the parts of the production, as well as post-production and distribution. From her time spent documenting the channeling sessions with the Shaman of the Úlfhé∂nar, to helping the Shaman with many different individuals through their psychological trauma, as well as helping the Shaman guide many others in identifying and embracing their own personal spirituality, Melody wears all the hats that the Shaman doesn’t, in addition to having an in-depth understanding of the Shaman’s message to the world. Melody is the master coordinator for all the events that the Shaman participates in and the general manager of “Whispers of the Norse”. Whether visiting others or participating in online interviews, she is really the “brains behind the brawn” for interacting with our Shaman. With several degrees in telecommunications and computer technology, Melody works tirelessly to introduce the world to the Shaman while helping to bring the message of the Úlfhé∂nar to the peoples throughout the world.

Technical Producer:

Michael “Mikey” Jefferies

Mike is the technical mastermind behind all the different technologies here at the Whispers of the Norse. Whether configuring the studio for film/audio production, still photography, on-site videography, post-production audio and video, website and online posting, even cellular connectivity for the Shaman to participate in interviews and counseling sessions around the clock. Mike has several degrees in telecommunications, computer sciences, and plenty of technical certifications for the task at hand. A descendant of the Akimel O’odham (or Pima tribe) of south Tucson, Arizona, he brings a wealth of servitude to helping others to find their way toward better mental health. An exemplary student of life and connection to our spirituality, he builds, configures, and maintains all the technical platforms for the Shaman to share his message with the world. A former member of the United States military, Michael is not only deeply associated with the mission here at Whispers of the Norse, but is a graduate through working with the Shaman to re-obtain his sense of balance and self.

Sound Engineer

Jacob “Jake” Drummond

Jacob comes from the high-speed sound/video industry, born and raised right here in the land of the midnight sun. Jake has years of experience creating some of the greatest edited sound in the market today, he has spent much of his time recording in both a studio, and on-site throughout the world. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and looks to help the Shaman produce a message to the world that is both: understandable, and “pleasing to the ear”.

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