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Everyone needs their advertising budgets to go a little further these days, and although our audience is fairly small, most are very committed to the teachings of our Shaman. With many different options available due to his many different venues of appearances. However, as a practicing Shaman in a world of doubt and questions, we maintain a fairly strict advertising “ethos” that we strictly adhere to. We (Alaska Úlfhé∂nar, and Alaska Outlaw Productions LLC (parent company)) reserve the right to deny or cancel active advertising based on the adherence to our ethos without notice, nor refunds for costs incurred.

Our Ethos

Advertising Ethos

Being a Shaman and a representative of the spiritual community, all advertisement imagery, and societal behaviors of organizations providing advertisement will abide by the following expectations during the contract period. Determinations as to the violations of these rules of engagement are the sole determination of the Alaska Úlfhé∂nar and Alaska Outlaw Productions LLC.

  1.  No Hate Speech. As an organization committed to bringing people together to provide a greater good, we will not tolerate any type of hate speech or divisionary tactics used in the advertising.
  2. No Segregation. Again, as an organization committed to bringing people together, it is contrary to our mission that our advertisers produce a message of segregation or separation.
  3. No Degradation. We believe in equality among all physical life forms. We will not allow for ads that demean or degrade others for sake of promoting a product.
  4. No Misrepresentation. One of the cornerstones to a Celtic-Norse life was that of honor and truth. We expect that organizations that offer advertisement through our product channels maintain the highest level of integrity with us, and the end customer.
  5. Language check. While we understand the modern marketing tactics deploy "common language" frequently to promote an urgency or importance. We do not feel it is necessary and therefore won't allow it on our productions.

When it comes to the organizational commitment to these standards, we feel that "actions speak louder than words", therefore constant social media monitoring is maintained throughout the advertisement contract period. While we do not dictate any corporate behavior, we do request that you abide by these for the contract period.

Reputations are big in the business world, and while "second chances" are a huge part of forgiveness, we will ensure that your intentions are where you say they are. We would ask that we be advised of any known issues that may surface through the advertising cycle.

Advertising Product

Every Publicly released 30-minute podcast episode created (52 per year), have several intrinsic opportunities within it:

  1. Audio Release: Two 15 or 30 second time slots reserved in the production to inject audio advertisements. These ads may be created by the customer, or we will have the Alaska Úlfhé∂nar read them during production.
  2. Video Release: Two 15 or 30 second time slots reserved in the production to inject video advertisements. These ads will be created by the customer and delivered to the Alaska Outlaw Productions team in a video MP3 format.
  3. An associated blog post that is made on our website, as well as within our Patreon site, may contain visual advertisements.  Ad images must be created and submitted by the customer.
  4. Show sponsorship includes four (4) mentions per podcast. (One at the beginning, one before each commercial, and one towards the end). In addition, sponsors are identified throughout the web pages (here and Patreon) with images provided by the customer.
  5. Monthly distributed Newsletter that recaps all the posts (including interviews and a bonus teaching) that is sent to all our subscribers.

Costs are very reasonable given the distribution.

  • – 15-second audio advertising in a single podcast is $34.99 (USD) each, or $1,199 (USD) for a year. (Save 35%)
  • – 30-second audio advertising in a single podcast is $59.99 (USD) each, or $2,499 (USD) for a year.
  • – 15-second video advertising in a single podcast is $42.99 (USD) each, or $1,699 (USD) for a year. (Save 24%)
  •  – 30-second video advertising in a single podcast is $64.99 (USD) each, or $3,199 (USD) for a year.
  • – Visual ad (website production) is $256 (USD) per year for a singular customer image (displayed on multiple pages).
  • – Visual ad (Newsletter) is $199 (USD) per year for a singular customer image (displayed (and retained) on the Newsletter and archive.

Show Sponsorship includes:

  • – Verbal “shout-out” on audio podcasts produced during the contract period.
  • – One 15 second audio advertising slot in each audio podcast released during the contract period.
  • – One 15 second video advertising slot in each video podcast released during the contract period.
  • – One Visual ad (website production) occurs throughout the sites during the contract period.

Sponsorship Bundle is: $2,650 (USD) per year (Includes the Show Sponsorship includes list above)

If you have any questions, please contact our advertising agent at

Our Media Kit

Alaska Úlfhé∂nar Podcast

Since 2021

Frequency:  Primary – Monthly (17 episodes a year – perpetual ) + Periodic Interviews

Visitors: 200 downloads per month, 350 page views per month
< 100 subscribers to the monthly newsletter

Demographics: Male/Female 30/70, Ages 18 – 80, Nationality: US/Others 40/60

The Alaska Úlfhé∂nar produces a message of hope and promise by providing weekly teachings about the Celtic/Norse spiritual ancestry of the host. By utilizing these ancient teachings, our message is that modern psychological issues can be managed and a happy, healthy life can be experienced by our listeners. In addition, our host offers teachings about individual paths of spirituality that the listeners can use to develop their own comfort with their understandings of their own spirituality. Each 30-minute show has two (2) commercial breaks that can be injected.


Full show scripts plus other publishings are distributed to:

  • Our subscription-based blog at

Podcasts are distributed to:

Host: Dr. Mark Weisman D.D. is a modern-day Shaman and Úlfhe∂nar sworn to his ancestral Gods Ó∂inn and Freyja in Asgard by Norse legends. As a former Pastor with the Christian church, he has studied extensively throughout the world and by becoming an indigenous Shaman, arriving at his cultural, spiritual home of the Celtic-Norse. With several advanced degrees, he has developed successful methods of dealing with psychological trauma thereby helping his friends to build coping mechanisms to get back to their lives filled with joy and comfort. As a sworn Úlfhe∂nar, his primary mission is to use his gift from Ó∂inn and Freyja to help friends and family overcome their obstacles and see their way to success. Mark’s easy-going personality has made him a favorite of young and old alike, as he never condemns anyone for what they believe, simply shows a way to help get through tough times. He produces a simplistic message of peace and hope.

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