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Where I come from

My story starts, from what I understand from the ancestors with whom I have now communicated with, in Halstatt, Austria, where my ancestors settled in their migration northeast from the Iberian Peninsula in about 40 B.C.E. This settling in Halstatt would produce the first set of ancestors with whom I would communicate, and would bring a substantial Celtic spiritual  understanding to my beliefs. These understandings would bring both the gods and goddesses of the Celtic beliefs, as well as a deep understanding of the spirits of the lands. The more I communicated with my ancestors, the more I realized the commonality among our spiritual understandings.

My ancestors would migrate north as the Roman empire expanded westward, and began it’s conquering of the lands throughout Europe, where my ancestors would arrive in what is today Jork, Germany at or around the turn of the millennia (0 C.E.). A small settlement along the Elba river, just west of what is today Hamburg, Germany. Here my ancestors would reside from several generations in almost constant conflict with the advancing Roman expansion, repelling them until their departure some 100+ years later. At around 150 C.E. they would cross the Elbe River and migrate north, arriving just south of where the North Sea surrounds the Jutland of (what is today) Denmark in what would become Bjergby Denmark.

Arriving in Bjergby, Denmark around 180 C.E., they would reside here for approximately 600 years, before splintering and migrating across the sea to help establish the settlement of Waterford, Ireland in the late 800s C.E. Much of the spiritual understandings throughout this migration has survived through the hundreds of generations before me to form what I now understanding to be the spiritual realm I interact with every minute of every day.

I am the third generation born in the United States after my ancestors migrated to the U.S. at, or around, 1890 C.E.

Who am I

I’d like to take just a moment and introduce myself. My name is Mark Weisman, and like yourself, I too am but a traveler through a physical lifetime of learning, living, and loving. Within the last couple of decades, my ancestors have contacted me through my subconscious mind and have begun to explain many things to me. I will not claim to have all the answers, for I too sometimes struggle with understanding the words given to me from my ancestors through the visions I have with them. However, in the many years I have had in this life I have experienced a substantial amount, thereby providing me with an ample experience base to draw on. I ask that you join me in interpreting the words of my ancestors and seeing how we can apply it to our everyday life. I proudly serve my communities (both online and off) as both: a counselor for individuals suffering from debilitating psychological trauma, as well as an active, working Celtic-Norse Shaman. My beliefs are that the health of the spiritual self dictates the physical and mental health of our self. I come from a very long line of Germanic Danes (53 generations researched so far (estimated to 731)) from Northern Denmark (Bjereby Sogn), as well as (at-least) 12 generations from Southern Ireland (County Waterford), documented. After extensive academic studies in religious interpretations throughout the world, I have arrived at my Celtic-Norse roots. I have come to understand the relationships between the spiritual and physical planes of existence, and constantly work to help individuals understand their position in that relationship.

During my existence I have struggled with many of the same things that many people do. Struggles like. enduring an abusive alcoholic parent, or returning to civilian life after a tour in the U.S. military, or even surviving a heroin overdose in late 1989. However, following the overdose, I would discover a path of growth and living that amazes me, even today, some thirty-five years later. Seven months, almost to the day following my sobriety, I would marry my shield maiden in a small ceremony in western Washington, that was over 33 years ago now. I now spend my time enjoying our five children, and four grandchildren who bless my existence everyday. The message I carry is one of hope. Is one of redemption. The understanding that each of us carries the power of change and the ability to manifest joy and harmony when we actively seek it.

I have chosen to claim the title of a Celtic-Norse Shaman, as I am called by my ancestors to that path. Both: online as a teacher of spiritual understandings, and offline working within many different communities, I spend most of my time offering my services to the many who have become disenfranchised with modern religious practices, as well as my brothers and sisters returning from conflicts struggling to reacclimatize to the non-military world. By using the understandings offered by my ancestors, I have discovered that many have been able to heal their minds, and move forward to happier, more peaceful lives. As a formerly ordained chaplain of the modern-day church, I revealed the self-serving practices of these modern religions and recognized the perceived necessity to implement a methodology of mind control that was accomplished with the rise of monotheism around the turn of the common era. This, in turn, has had long-term ramifications for the general population’s psychology.

In the winter of 2019/2020 I received a vision that would confirm my birthright as an Úlfhé∂nar of Ó∂inn the all-father that would again alter the path of my trajectory through this existence. Using my inherited gift of speaking to those called the Landvætti, my intellectual growth accelerated to an enormity of understandings and recognitions. Fitting hundreds of puzzle pieces of my life together to fully understand the entirety of my journey.

My calling is to retell the oral history of my ancestry, and impart upon my listeners/readers the idea of “the self”. I attempt to help individuals look past the inherent value judgments encouraged and supported by most organized “religions” and determine their individual journeys. Assisting people in understanding that it is because of this inherited intrinsic value judgment, passed through generation after generation, attempting to force the population to behave a certain way, predominantly relying on guilt and shame to emotionally punish individuals for wanting to think, and act, differently, that there remain remnants of these memories that linger within our subconscious and lay the groundwork to be overrun by a larger traumatic event. These practices rely on most people not understanding the “mystical ways” of the spiritual world that lies outside normal preview. It is this fact alone that has convinced me that my ancestors did have it right, believing in themselves, and their own ancestry.

Celtic-Norse Shaman

After an extensive academic study of most of the major religions, and understandings of the world (both documented and not), I have arrived at an understanding that my indigenous ancestors embraced. To this end, as I mention above, I have decided that my understanding can only be designed as a “Shaman”, and my beliefs and understandings span my ancestral gifts of both: the Norse, and the Celts, of antiquity.

A Norse Úlfhé∂inn

During my spiritual enlightenment, I discovered that, contained within my bloodline is a gift of the Norse god, Odin, called the “Úlfhé∂nar”.This gift was given to a special group of men who demonstrated a connection between the physical realm (that of a warrior), as well as that of the spiritual realm (that of a Druid, or Shaman), and afforded us a relationship with the Landvaetti (or spirits of the lands). This relationship allows us to employ these spirits for both our purposes, either loving (healing), or not (war). This inclusion in an elite group was passed through the hundreds of generations before me, becoming a part of our bloodline.

As the host of the Show

The “Whispers of the Norse” television show, which airs on Ethereal TV streaming channel is a show that draws upon the ancestry to provide the viewers with glimpses (or whispers) from the Celtic-Norse of antiquity to identify and manage spiritual influences in our everyday life to obtain and maintain a better mental health. Please click the image below to discover more about my hosting of the show.

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