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Velkommen to our store here at the “Whispers of the Norse“. We offer items that are either: handcrafted by a member of our tribe, or recommended by our Shaman. Our store does periodically offer discounts and sales on limited releases of certain products, particularly in our “Used” department. Feel comfortable knowing that the purchases are purchased through the very secure PayPal interface which accepts all major credit cards.

Shipping outside the United States is typically handled by having customers complete their purchases through our Etsy Store (link below) that may have a better shipping option than we can offer from our local store here in southcentral Alaska. Feel free to let us know if there is something you just have to have, and we’ll see if we can’t work some of the Shaman’s magic to make it happen.

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General Merchandise

As we travel throughout the trade routes established by our ancestors, we seem to acquire many different things along the way. Our General Merchandise area are those product offerings we have that do not seem to fit into the other department. Feel free to browse through our General Merchandise area as you may find what you’re looking for.

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Support “Merch”

Our Support Merchandise helps us to keep the mission of the Shaman constantly moving forward with a portion of each purchase going to the general operating fund of our Shaman. Whether you’re looking to support our mission, or just some really great gear to show you believe in him, and yourself, the Support shop is the place to visit. The support shop has all types of support wear that you can rest comfortably knowing it has passed the rigorous testing by the Shaman himself. Feel free to visit this department to review new products being offered frequently.

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One of a Kind Art

Working with hundreds of artisans around the world, the Shaman offers space within his store for these artisans to offer their spiritual gifts to the public. Each one-of-a-kind product is handmade to pass along the spiritual energy to the buyer.

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Our Book Store

Our “books” department stocks a small selection of books from the personal collection of the Shaman. Many of the books vary in subjects from the Magic necessary, to the Mythology, to spiritual beliefs. In addition, the Shaman offers those he interviews who have had books published, to have them sell their books here as well.

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Fur Traders

Like our ancestors here in Alaska, our ancestors of Scandinavia relied on furs to protect them from the elements. From bedding, to clothing, to furniture portions, furs were used fairly exclusively in the far reaches of northern (what would become) Denmark. Whisper of the Norse includes furs in our everyday life as well, then offers them to our friends along our trade routes. Consider picking up properly tanned furs to accessorize yourself like our ancestors of Scandinavia.

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In the days of my ancestors, this was an additional way to decorate oneself in hopes of “standing out”. Obviously a symbol of the more wealthy, as the peasants only dreams of such things. With the opening of markets throughout the world, in addition to the overwhelming quantity that became more readily available as the trade routes expanded, because a requirement for every royal and those of the upper class. Jewelry has been a mainstay as demonstrated by the historical finds that show seashells being strewn together to create those first necklaces.

Rings – Necklaces – Other bodily jewelry

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Magical items from Around the World

Knowing the energy of the spiritual realm, the Shaman relies on many different peoples and sellers to acquire the necessary magic supplies necessary. As the Shaman quite often uses magic and spiritual conjuring to provide the energy for healing and growing, he offers the many different products to our store fostering our own spiritual journey.

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Quilts and Kilts

Our quilts are hand made here in Alaska by members of the Shaman’s family, these one-of-a-kind keepsake quilts are designed to keep us warm during the cold Alaskan nights, while being attractive enough to be placed on display to beautify any location within the home. Made from locally acquired quality materials, with quality stitching they were designed and built to become family heirlooms that can be passed through multiple generations. Our kilts are made to order with authentic Scottish tartan with either box or knife pleats, they are made to order, allowing the customer to get the exact tartan they desire for their kilt.

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As the Dane longship draws up to the short dock, the men on deck are calling to inquire as to whether your village wishes to trade goods from across the seas. Their products come from every corner of the world, bringing new and exciting items that you may have never seen. These visitors ask that you trade whatever goods you have in equal and fair trade.

You and your fellow villagers wander down by the water to see what these large men and women, dressed in fur, have brought with them. They lay out their goods that you may inspect them and maybe, for the first time in your life, you catch a glimpse of something that you have never seen before. Something you absolutely must have.

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Used Items

This shop is dedicated to recycling products that, most often, no longer fit some of the Shaman’s family members, or some of his support member’s families as well. This is our “flea market” of-sort, providing a platform to get a great deal on products that may have the “new car” smell taken off them, but still a lot of life left. Be sure to browse through the flea market to see if we have that thing that you’ve been looking for and haven’t found anywhere else, it just might be there.

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