Åndelig Indflydelse

Understanding fact vs fiction.

Part of our spiritual growth is understanding what we believe, and why we actually believe it. As with most of the detrimental portions of modern monotheism, we find that most of what we believe is a portion of the theology, its actually a part of the practice. As I mentioned in other places, the practice is the portion of religion where the “rules of obedience are enforced”. This practice then ensured that the singular theology was adopted at all levels of society, then passed down to generation after generation. Most of these practice pieces typically invoke the use of intrinsic fear to secure their expansion efforts. Follow along as the Shaman asks questions here that may invoke some critical thinking to help us be secure in what we know.

Influence Part 1
Understanding Influence
A quick questionnaire to determine what we believe.

After the death of my physical body,

My knowledge of life after death came from,

Why do you believe this?

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