Calling the Gods

The Beat of the Drum

In the times of antiquity, the sounds made on the physical plane that were pleasing to the ear were the calling signals to the gods and the spirits. In ancient Celtic-Norse beliefs the management and recognition of these sounds, and the poetry that may have accompanied it were placed in the care of the Norse god Bragi. However, in all cases, in almost every culture around the world throughout all of history, both recorded and not, the solid rhythmic drum beat was the calling system to those recognized gods and spirits alike. For it was the beat that represented the beating of the heart that the spirits could understanding and feel. Drum beats were never meant to be a sound that we heard, but rather felt. To this point, I’ll be joining my community around the world for what are referred to as “drumming circles”, essentially groups of individuals who use the drum beat to do many things for humanity.

  • Coming together as one heartbeat.
  • Connecting in energy with all the created drum circles.
  • Connecting to source.
  • Expanding consciousness.
  • Opening a channel of communications with the spirits.
  • Having fun by celebrating existence.
  • Honoring the gods and the Creator.
  • Remembering who we truly are.

Stay tuned as we’ll be posting events that I hope to play at.

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