Celebrating Woten’s Day.

Today, we celebrate the infusion of wisdom into our consciousness, and thought processes. By collecting experiences within our lifetime, we are building the relational matrix our brain uses to interpret incoming sensory input from our physical form. In addition, not only are we processing the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches from our existence, but we are receiving emotional particles of energy as well, thereby providing the foundation to our brain to release certain hormones within the body, allowing the remainder of our consciousness to “feel” certain ways. As this collection of experiences grows throughout our lifetime, this, then, is the foundation at which our brain can develop a thing called wisdom. As our relational matrix of absorbed experiences grows, the label of wisdom is applied. Celebrate it!
Woden, or Odin, first embraced the need for wisdom as he surrendered an eye to drink from the well or Urd (at one of the roots of Yggdrasil (the tree of life). He would go on to impale himself with his own spear, Gungnir to the trunk of Yggdrasil where he would not eat or drink for nine days that he may understand the wisdom contained within the mystic runes of Norse legend. While this sacrifice was indeed beyond the necessity, we simply have to understand that it is our task to process the experiences we have in our physical lifetime, to build our relational matrix, or our level of wisdom.
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