Episode Catalog

Season 4

This season on “Whispers of the Norse”, the Shaman spends time with his grandfather to pass along information about obtaining mental health through a better understanding of our spiritual connections with the universe around us. The duo take smaller topics of our spiritual journey and open them up to reveal small truths that can help us obtain balance, thereby encourage a more healthy lifestyle and being.

Season 4
Contains 46 episodes.

Episode 1 – Introduction to Whispers of the Norse.
In this series premier, Mark is joined by his grandfather to introduce the series and explain the necessity for the information contained within the program.

Episode 2 – Understanding harmony of beliefs.
In this episode, Mark is joined by his grandfather to discuss the importance of recognizing the inclusion of all beliefs and understanding and how there is significance in all the different perspectives.

Episode 3 – Celebration of Midsommer. Solstice
In this episode, Mark is joined by his grandfather to discuss the importance of recognizing the value of the celebration and magic of midsommer.

Episode 4 – Understandings of antiquity. 
In this episode the Shaman is joined by his grandfather to discuss the simplicity of earlier beliefs. At the same time they highlight the value of changing one’s mindset to that of those earlier times.

Episode 5 – Seeking love and light in the modern world.
In this episode the Shaman is joined by his grandfather to discuss the obtaining and maintaining of love and light energy from the universe around us in application against the negativity to obtain a better mental health. The Shaman passes on the information given by the spiritual entities about the construct of the energy we recognize as love.

Episode 6 – Being different. That’s a GREAT thing. 
In this episode the Shaman is joined by his grandfather to discuss the differences that provide additional perspectives that will ultimately give us all a better understanding of the influences of the modern world, as well as the spiritual realm of eternity.

Episode 7 – Understanding the effect on our psychology. 
In this episode the team investigates and discusses the effect that the surrounding energy sources have on our everyday psychology.

Episode 8 – Working with Mindfulness. 
In this episode the team takes a deep dive into what mindfulness really means, and how it can provide some mental relief to anxiety and depression.

Episode 9 – Simplicity. Its really how things are. 
In this episode Mark is joined by his great-grandfather (in spirit) and his shamanic trance self to explain the simplicity at which our existence can be.

Episode 10 – Spiritual energy around us every day. 
In this episode Mark is joined by the spirit of his grandfather to discuss the reality of the many different spiritual energies that interact with our physical and spiritual selves every minute of every day. Both through the use of physical sensory input, or through the adoption of spiritual energies.

Episode 11 – The world of Magic. Yes Virginia, its real.
In this episode the team looks at the quantum explanation of both individual magick, as well as that of nature. 

Episode 12 – Understanding the expansion of consciousness. 
In this episode the team investigates the identification of what our consciousness is, and why expanding our consciousness is great for our mental health.

Episode 13 – Learning to love ourselves, just the way we are.
In this episode Mark is joined by his great-grandfather’s spirit to discuss and help us to understand the intrinsic value that each of us bring to the world around us.

Episode 14 – Our spiritual journey. Not so far away.
In this episode Mark is joined by the spirit of his great-grandfather to explain the misunderstanding that many have asked about their own spiritual journey to some societal accepted level of recognition.

Episode 15 – Embracing our ancestral path.

Episode 16 – Understanding other perspectives.

Episode 17 – Biology and Chemistry. Toxicity of the modern world.

Episode 18 – Interactivity. A deep dive into our Aura.

Episode 19 – The Relational Matrix. The foundation behind wisdom.

Episode 20 – Addiction thinking. Combating anxiety, depression, and others.

Episode 21 – The difference being religious and being spiritual.

Episode 22 – Celebrating life’s events, the power of the Ritual. 

Episode 23 – Destructing the modern stigma of spirituality. 

Episode 24 – Understanding the reality of the written texts. 

Episode 25 – Establishing emotional control. Obtaining chemical balance.

Episode 26 – Feeding both sides of our being.

Episode 27 – You are the one. Remembering self-care for mental healing. 

Episode 28 – Recognizing our emotional filters. How we see the world.

Episode 29 – Celebrating Yule. Celebrating our existences. 

Episode 30 – What’s sleep got to do with it? Understanding the dream realm.

Episode 31 – Prayers and Spells. Are there really a difference?

Episode 32 – The usage of music to manipulate our frequency. 

Episode 33 – Cutting through the fog. The use of totems to pass energy.

Episode 34 – Spiritual existence. What does that mean?

Episode 35 – Celebrating the time and space of the physical plane.

Episode 36 – Connecting to the energy of the ancestors within your own life.

Episode 37 – The REAL power of love. 

Episode 38 – The loving hands of a creator. Life force paths.

Episode 39 – Understanding the contrast between light and dark energy.

Episode 40 – Recognizing the value of spiritual lives without form.

Episode 41 – Societal brainwashing. Why do we think the way we do?

Episode 42 – Celebrating the cycle of rebirth during Ostara.

Episode 43 – Adoption of a culture isn’t a bad thing. 

Episode 44 – Listening with one’s heart. How do we start?

Episode 45 – Embracing the wisdom of Odin, absorbing intellect.

Episode 46 – Knowing who we are, intrinsic reflection.

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