Happy Freyja’s Day!

Today we celebrate the goddess Freyja and her ability to manage the energy around us. Whether discussing the energy necessary for passionate love or war, she was also a powerful sorceress who would go on to teach magic to the chieftain of Æsir gods, Ó∂inn. This passing of energy management, commonly called magic, was a gift that Freyja would give Ó∂inn, but also to those on Midgard who wished to know. This brings us to an understanding that both emotions and magic are interacted with by the energies of the universe. The power that Freyja offered us was not the energy itself, but the management of the universal energies to manifest that which we wanted in our lives, as well as dissipation of that energy we didn’t want. The lesson that we can take away from her example is that we are in charge of our destiny, and have the authority within our mind, and the energy of the universe to make those changes any time we want to. This is very powerful information that can help us to become successful.
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