Who am I?

Our Host


Mark Weisman

Norse Shaman | Anchorage, Alaska

Male | He/Him

About Me

I am your average grandfather who happens to study the Celtic-Norse of antiquity. I have begun to produce a weekly show with multiple roles that I produce on YouTube and am looking for my exposure to a wider audience as well as IMDB credits.


Age Range:             50 - 70
Height:                    5'11" / 180cm
Weight:                   280lbs / 127kg
Build:                      Heavyset / Stocky
Hair:                        Gray
Eyes:                        Hazel


Whispers of the Norse - Self/Writer/Director/Crew/Producer/Post-Production
Infinite Visions Studios, Anchorage Alaska April 2024

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Voice Actor

About Me

I am a third generation American born Dane with deep ties to my Danish ancestry. With a vocal range to include a natural baritone into some falsetto and dialect manipulations. A full range of emotional readings.

Voice Characteristics

Character Voices Performed

  • Male
Voice Age
  • Adult
  • Senior

Voice Abilities

  • American - General
  • American - Southern
  • American - Military
  • Scot - General
  • Danish - General
  • English - Upper class
  • English (fluent)
  • Spanish (little)
  • Danish (little)
  • German (very little)
Voice Styles
  • Athletic
  • Aged

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More Information

Our host presents thought provoking ideas as to how we can better utilize the entirety of our spirituality to establish better mental and physical health.

He is available for your event to speak about the following topics:

  1. Understanding the energy of the universe and how to use it. This presentation can be used to help audiences gain a true understanding of how spiritual energy affects and influences our daily, modern lives. The presentation is approximately twenty (20) to sixty (60) minutes.
  2. Using universal energies to heal our minds and bodies. Following on the trail of Presentation #1, this presentation continues the understanding of universal energies and utilizing them to perform physical healing of the self, or others, within the mind or body. This presentation is approximately twenty (20) to sixty (60) minutes.
  3. Establishing responsive control mechanisms for emotional reactions. This presentation was provided for those who suffer from any type of psychological trauma and are looking for a solution to help themselves or others. It is described as the “Owner’s manual for our Fight or Flight”, and is approximately twenty (20) to sixty (60) minutes.
  4. Awakening the Spirit. This presentation is more about the motivation for delving into the world of understanding our connection to the universe, aura management, spiritual guidance, and the eternal energy stream of hope. This presentation is approximately twenty (20) to sixty (60) minutes.

The Host can speak to many different topics, and platforms. You can consider us for any of the following events:

  1. Educational Speaker – Holding a degree in Occupational Education, the Shaman can speak to the needs of the learner, and understanding of the instructors.
  2. Keynote Speaker – The Shaman brings an understanding about being successful in our lives, teaching others of the understanding of each of our paths through life.
  3. Public Speaker – With a persona that can fill a stadium, the Shaman brings a rich understanding of his Celtic-Norse ancestry and their value in the modern-day world.
  4. Motivational Speaker – The Shaman promotes the intrinsic enlightened energies of audiences wherever he goes. With a message of our path to success he can motivate a whole room.
  5. Wedding Officiant – As a registered clergy member, the Shaman can preside over a plethora of wedding types and affiliations.

Motivational Speaking

With an in-depth, multi-decade, study of spirituality and energy management across many different cultures and demographics, we bring the power of the self to the forefront as we empower an audiences to take control of their future. Using Norse cultural heritage to provide a simplicity to help us take those first steps into the power of our individuality and our emotional management.

The presentations excite the desires of the ancestors as we present a message of working in harmony with our fellow human forms, as well as the spiritual world around us. “Be that descendent that your ancestors would be proud of.”*10% discount on individual attendance costs on successive days. Costs for events are based on ticket sales for that event, or prearranged seating arrangement. The rates for remote, or virtual presentations are different, inquire at shaman@akulfhednar.com.

In addition, Whispers of the Norse, Alaska Ulfhednar and Alaska Outlaws LLC reserves the right to set up a location at the event in which to retail the books written by our host.

Voice Talent

Narrating our Existence. The sound of hope.

Because of genetics, or maybe its the spirit that moves through him, our host’s, distinct, soothing, baritone voice resonates within a part of us that we may not be cognitive of. With the natural ability to meter his timing he brings a vocal depth that can enhance the impression of the dramatic, in addition to his natural incredibly soothing tones. Although the host may have a simplicity to his word choice, he is capable of an incredible articulation and commands a presence. With his wide range of capabilities, he might be able to provide a reading that will have your next voice project’s audience exactly where you want them to be. Feel free to listen to any of the podcasts, and we think you’ll agree. He can create the sounds as if it’s first and foremost, what you want your audience to feel.

Understanding of Psychology

While others have approached psychology and the affect on the human mind from an academic perspective, my experience lies in the hundreds of real-world interactions with many of those around me. My spiritual  journey has led to a series of discoveries that have allowed me an indepth look into the extrinic effects on the human thought and its processing. Working with real people who have suffered from real-world psychological trauma, I have a deep-seated understanding in what drives us.

Embracing our Spirituality

Whenever one attempts to understand the human mind and the factors that are included in our societal behaviors, one immediately has to recognize the source of all knowledge within the confines of the human mind. To do this, one must embrace the effect that our own personal spirituality has on our intellect, our wisdom, and our judgement. Understanding the quantum effects that the universal spirituality has on the human mind and thought process has become my life’s mission. To see as many perspectives as there are people who have them.

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