Life Lesson for Friday 7/28/2023

Today I am feeling the energy of my ancestors! As my show from last week settles into the pages of the archives I am reminded how powerful the ancestors are within my life. Just as curiously, how the lack of connection to them creates a mental hole in my psyche that I am unable to fill in any other way. Many have asked me “how do we send energy to our ancestors?” To which I reply, “treasure them”. Many also wonder about physical ancestors versus those who are without form, to which I say “treasure them”, for each physical form that departs takes with them a library of physical experiences that made differences in other physical lives. Treasure them by ensuring they are cared for, but that you truly cherish time with them, engage them with your heart.
For a society is judged not by its financial success, but by the way they recognize and treasure wisdom and experiences. By the way they care for the elderly and the young.
Blessed be my friends, [image1.jpeg] [IMG_0094]

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