Life lesson for Thursday 10/12/23

Today I found myself lost in a trance contemplating the path that our manifest energy takes on its journey to bring things into our lives. I always love discussions with my ancestors about these subjects as they teach me the known ways of energy transmission. As they explained, I found myself realizing the fact how intricate the nature of the universe is.
When we obtain, within our mind, the image of some desire, we automatically begin to focus on this image or desire. It is this focus that we apply where our intrinsic spiritual energy is applied to the desire and it begins to accumulate energy around it. There comes a point where we will “release” the verbally incanted spell into the spiritual realm surrounding us. As we have learned before, the first chasm this energy must cross, is the aura. When the aura is clear, and our minds are more at ease, we find that the energy (like a beam of light) can cross the aura undeterred to the border where it is released into the spiritual realm by matching its energy signal to the signal of our aura border. Once out in the spiritual realm, other entities, both: physical and spiritual in form will receive the signal. They may choose to discard it, or acknowledge and support it, that choice is up to them. As they decide what they want to do, we continue to support our incanted spell by supplying it with additional energy that will eventually catch up and amplify the original energy signal.
Matching the process within the human body with the nerves transmitting a micro electrical charge from the nerve ending, through the body to the brain, where a decision can be made. During this process of moving across the nerve synapses, metabolic energy is used with the presynapse to generate neurotransmitters that can move across the synaptic cleft (small gap between the pre and postsynapses) to the postsynapse on the other side. This process takes place a million times a second as we realize we just stepped on a lego with our bare foot.
It occurred to me that the universe constructed processes in such a way that they were easily duplicated in many different ways.
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