Life Lesson for Wednesday 7/19/2023

Hello my friends. Today as I walked around outside between appointments, I discovered the clouds had moved away to reveal the beautiful blue sky. The thoughts began to come to me as I bathed in the warm sunlight about the purpose for everything in my journey. Both the struggles I endure and the accomplishments I acquire, are all meant to provide me with a balance between fortitude and relaxation. My spirit began to soften as I felt the energy of my ancestors pulse through my body. Thoughts occurred to me about requiring everything happening at a specific moment in time designated by the fates. Whether these points in time were designated for me, or others, each interaction we have was required to obtain the life skills necessary. As I watched the birds chase each other effortlessly through the invisible supports of a light breeze I pondered what could it mean? If everything had a reason, why then do these birds needs to chase each other around the area I was in. It was given to me, that I had just focused my consciousness on the birds, instead of the daunting tasks that I had scheduled for this afternoon. Momentarily I had lost myself in the plight of these two birds instead of focusing the negative energy on the physical tasks that I had scheduled. The fact is, that everything our physical sensory input accepts was put there for a reason. Our life’s work is to figure out why and learn from it.
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