Life Lesson from Thursday 7/20/2023

Today, as I made my way outside of my building I noted the light fluffy skies drifting lazily across an otherwise clear blue sky and I thought to myself “Wouldn’t it be awesome to be cloud. Where you could just float around lazily all day?” It then occurred to me that the cloud was continually forming and reforming as it drifted, which explained that they are indeed just like us. With the action of forming and reforming, they are adjusting to their environment, then adjusting as it saw fit. While I witnessed them seemingly floating lazily, they were condensing the moisture in the air which will ultimately lead up to a rain storm somewhere in front of its path. This represents us learning, then adjusting our thinking once we learn something new. Sometimes these thought processes may seem to be lazily constructed. What we can’t see, in the clouds, or in others, is the processes within that might be working fervently to reform along the way. Again, the more that each of us seeks commonality, the more we will find it. [image0.jpeg] [image1.jpeg]

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