Life Lesson from Tuesday 8/1/2023

Today, as I rose from my bed and ventured outside, I noted that, once again mother Alaska had changed her outlook on existence, as she wiped the clouds from the sky leaving a beautiful brother sun, and blue skies and it made me think about our own existences. I wondered about how we can move our outlooks from that of a steady rain with darkened, almost angry skies, to that of a beautiful clear blue with the warmth of sunlight revealing natures secrets upon the earth. I wondered why some choose to remain covered in dark rain clouds in-lieu of clear blue sky and it dawned on me, it was our intent. Again, going back to that in which we seek. Sometimes we get ourselves stuck in our rain clouds, seemingly with no way out, but yet, it is our intention (our desire for change for the better) that makes the difference. It is this desire for good and light that breaks the rain clouds from our lives, revealing our true desire of the warmth and light of the sunshine that it behind those clouds. I encourage each of our to focus our desires by actively seeking those clear skies in our lives, for we know, what we seek we will find.
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