Life Lessons for Thursday 7/27/2023

As I thought about a piece I’m putting together by the will of many of my followers throughout the social network around our teachings, I began to think about how many individuals throughout our physical world consider themselves “Vikings” today. This led me to a short history lesson that I was given by the spiritual entity at which I channel with frequently, who said, “Vikings were something we did, Danes is who we were.” For those of you misinformed by modern twists on history, the Danes were the tribe that would go on to form Denmark, which means March of the Danes. They would form the peoples who call themselves the Danish who would be the best organized men and women who engaged in Viking. The struggle I see with the modern reality, is that many people take only pieces of the knowledge, or even the history and change it to represent a message that does not even resemble the original peoples who lived during this time. The Danes, like many of that time period, simply sought ways to conquer others for additional resources. These peoples would go on to leave their marks throughout Northern Europe, the United Kingdom, even into the northern parts in Norway, Sweden, and of course, Iceland. There was never a people referred to as the Vikings, it was simply something that was done while waiting on the crops to grow back at home. [image0.jpeg] [image1.jpeg]

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