Life Lessons for Wednesday 7/5/2023

Today on my way to work I came upon a significant crash scene. The fire trucks, paramedics and police officers were all doing their functions as I sat in my truck watching, and waiting for them to clear the road enough for me to continue my journey to work. It dawned on me what a balance there is for us to continue our life’s journey. A trajectory change of fractions of a millimeter could send a rock or vehicle part into our vehicle or body, thereby ending our physical experience. If you think about it for a moment you’ll discover the infinite amount of possibilities for each second of our lives, then you’ll see how the universe has maintained its balance and continued to provide these physical experiences we call life. The next time we find ourself feeling discouraged or saddened by what obstacles we are currently facing, we should think about the long list of successes we have had so far, and build the courage to tackle this one. [image0.jpeg]

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