Life Lessons from Friday 7/14/2023

Today I began thinking about tonight’s recording where I’ll be discussing the “futility of sin” and my mind wandered to the men and women whom I work with everyday who struggle with the actions of combat situations conflicting with this millennia old adage about how their sins should affect them. This mindset plays over and over in many of the individuals whom I have worked with over the years now, where they are unable to reconcile the actions necessary in combat to the imposed rule set of what has been mainstream religion. This inability to reconcile their actions against this definition is what has caused more traumatic stress than anything else I’ve come across. Whereas I have lived now for quite some time with the knowledge that everything in our existence happens for a reason. The cosmos or deities don’t create mistakes, they create opportunities for growth and we are asked to learn the lessons to grow beyond where we were yesterday. The idea of “sin” as defined by those mainstream religion authors was never designed to accommodate the necessary acts of war, they were designed around their ideas of utopia and therefore not applicable to the underlying psychology necessary to live life. Before considering anything rash, I hope that those of you who struggle with this will reach out to me. If not me, someone. There is hope my friends.
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