Life Lessons from Monday 7/10/2023

Today, as mother Alaska gently showered around me I pondered the necessity for clearing away one’s negative energy. Typically every morning we all wake up to positivity and a clear mind ready to tackle whatever gets thrown at us. Then, as we work through our first cup of coffee, the memories of yesterday’s troubles and stresses begin to slip in and we pick up the gauntlet of that which beat us down yesterday. This is not the plan. The deities and universe fulfill us with energy overnight as we communicate with the ancestors during our dreams, traversing the canvas between the spiritual and physical realms. We awake refreshed from the influx of positive energy that has been passed to us. In much the same way meditation limits our sensory input, thereby clearing our aura, so too does the sleep we get overnight. The encouragement here is that you are not required to pick up the gauntlet of stress that you dropped yesterday, you can use the energy you receive to discard the gauntlet and face the situation from a different perspective, this is called growth. For us to truly find peace and harmony in this life, we much learn to grow by leaving negativity behind us. Move forward with hope and seek harmony and peace, for it is there that life becomes worth living.
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