Life Lessons from Monday 7/3/2023

Today, in honor of the United States of America celebrating freedom from the oppression of Britain, I started thinking about how the real understanding of freedom has been lost in the translation along the way. How the settlers of the east coast came to the new lands to escape the tyranny of the church in England. How they wanted to practice their religion their own way, yet, followed in the footsteps of the church in England by passing along the oppression to the men and women who already lived on the lands, in harmony with nature. I find it interesting how they were willing to endure months at sea (in those days it wasn’t easy) to become what they were escaping. This would in-turn lead to centuries of unchecked oppression of any belief that contradicted theirs resulting in millions of physical body departures. Fortunately, our ancestors did not give up on us, and instead, waited until our enlightenment began. I have now spoken to hundreds of those out there who know of the ancestors among us and are realizing their value within our lives. If nothing else happens in my life, the fact that I contributed in some small way to those individuals who would reach out and discover their ancestors, and embrace the harmony again, I will be eternally pleased.
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