Life Lessons from Thursday 7/6/2023

Today I pondered the strength of Thor as today being Thursday or (Thors day) and immediate thoughts came to my mind about the balance of power, for Thor represented the superhuman strength of mankind. He wielded the power with sometimes reckless abandoned, however, even during the Marvel replication, Ó∂inn would teach him to balance his power with wisdom. The need to understand when and where to apply the overwhelming physical power is something we all should take stock in. While some among us have the physical power to crush their enemies, the true power rests in the restrain of reckless violence instead choosing to exhibit the wisdom of peaceful harmony with others. It takes a stronger human to hold back their power than to release it on another who may not be as physical powerful. The value here my friends is to understand the balance that is within our lives and to use our gathered wisdom to know when and where to utilize which ability… for we all maintain both.
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