Life Lessons from Tuesday 7/11/2023

The rain clouds are breaking up allowing the warm Alaskan sunshine to caress those life forms here on earth. I immediately begin to seek the messages that are coming with the energy of the warmth on my skin. The life sustaining light and warmth brings with it the messages from our ancestors. Knowledge, wisdom, and their experiences that come to me as visions, sounds, tastes, smells, sometimes even feelings about particular events, or peoples. The energy feels good on my skin and makes me feel happy that the ancestors have chosen me to communicate with. With Freyja and Odin to guide me along this path of learning to hear them, I am comforted in the fact that the warmth brings their messages of love and inclusion of all fellow life forms on this plane of existence with me. I see the insects, the larger wild-life, even my fellow humans smiling more, as if the stress of the overcast skies has been lifted from their shoulders. We must always take time to recognize the gift our ancestors bring us, not just that they did what was necessary to make us, but more importantly, what they offer us each and every day. Love and light my friends.
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