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The book, due out in MAY 10TH, 2023 by Blue-Fortune Enterprises, offers insight into the murky world where psychology and spirituality collide, and offers the science to explain it all. The book dives deep into the development of the human mind and the discovery of a theism long before the development of methods to convey these understandings through language. Knowledge and wisdom given by Dr. Weisman’s channeled personality Úlfhé∂nar, provides a scientific understanding of how existence came to be, as well as how it was perverted to serve those select few who were hungry for power and control. The book, not to be taken lightly, offers insight as to how each of us can become better versions of ourselves by returning to those earlier understandings of the natural world.

After 50+ years of spiritually searching and discovery, Dr. Mark Weisman arrives home to his cultural home of the Celtic-Norse where he has been given a great deal of insight as to how we can better understand our spiritual lives, and respect of the deities. Pre-Order the book now for your chance to better understand how you can find peace and harmony in your own life.

  1. Welcome to the Turn to Final. This is the introduction to the author, as well as his spiritual/cultural associations,  as well as some general understandings.
  2. The Evolution of the Self. In this section we dive into the world of human evolution, both from the body perspective, as well as the developing of cognitive thought. This is where the development of our theism begins.
  3. Our Emotional Intelligence. In this section, he further explains the genetic/chemical composition that makes each human on the physical plane of existence different any any one else who has ever lived.
  4. Spirituality Understanding. This section takes a very deep plunge into the understanding of spiritual entities, their birth and their development, as well as explains the science within the known knowledge of spirituality as a whole.
  5. Prayer, Worship & Magic. In this section, he explains the science behind the use of prayer, and covers the parallel between prayers and incanting spells from a fundamental level.
  6. Interpretations of the Modern Day. In this chapter he explains how we’ve arrived at where we did societally-wise. By examining the practices of the last several millennia, we can slowly unravel the societal controls that were put in place, both purposefully, and inadvertently.
  7. Where do we go from here? Finally, he offers some insight as to how we can restore our direct connection to our spirituality, and learn to find peace and harmony in all other life forms around us.

Pre-Order the Turn to Final Book

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