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As an internationally recognized religious practitioner by three different organizations (Universal Life Church, Celtic Druid Temple, Foundation for Shamanic Studies), the Shaman performs many different traditional services for a multitude of people throughout the world.


*Package includes the $25 fee to the State of Alaska Court System for Marriage Commissioner appointment and two hours of the Shaman’s attendance, signing the wedding certificate. 

Spiritual Guide

Our Shaman also performs:

  • Weddings – While primarily our Shaman is of a Celtic-Norse ancestry and association, his wedding officiating can cross the religious practice divide by providing you with a registered holy man within the State of Alaska.
  • Birth Blessing – The Shaman frequently visits with new families to provide the blessings for the little ones, in addition to the counseling for the new mother and father.
  •  Other Rituals – The next time you need a Shaman to lead a spiritual event, consider using our Shaman as a group leader.


Commissioner Information

Form Information

Mark-Nathaniel Weisman
Date of Birth (Commissioners sent by email for First Judicial District in Alaska)
PO Box 231972
Anchorage, Alaska 99507
Phone Number sent by Email


Wedding Rituals
Ah, the wedding bells are ringing, the bride and the groom are busy in anticipation for the big event. The Shaman recognizes the power that love has between two people, most importantly he recognizes the power that love has to conquer all. As a spiritual man, the Shaman performs weddings for many different walks of life, and with very few restrictions, the Shaman will proudly join a couple in marriage. To schedule your wedding with the Shaman, please complete and send the form below to us and we'll work to get you scheduled into the Shaman's schedule. The Shaman, being Norse, prefers to perform weddings on Fridays, however, he also understands the working schedules of the rest of us.
  • Norse
  • Celtic
  • Modified


per hour + travel

Birth Rituals
In the days before modern medicine, the birth of a child was not nearly as possible as it is today, however, in recognition of his ancestors, the Shaman offers blessings for the newborn children of his community. Associating the children to their ancestry, and to the culture to ensure their health and safe keeping is something the Shaman is thrilled to provide.


per hour + travel

Spiritual Gatherings
The Shaman celebrates the gathering of other entities in an effort to invoke Galdr magic for community health and success. He is pleased to be able to offer his services to lead a public or private ritual for success and the greater good.
Wedding Officiant Form
Reiki Healing Sessions
As a Certified Western-trained Usui Reiki Master, using the methods outlined within the practice of Western Usui Reiki, our Shaman harnesses the energies of the Universe to work within the body’s Chakras, thereby allowing for the healing powers of the universe to flood the body and repair damage. These practices have a substantial amount of science behind them now and allow both physical ailments, as well as mental challenges to be addressed either: in-person, or remotely. The power of Reiki healing cannot be overstated.


per hour

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