Shipside Trading

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In the days of antiquity, my ancestors were some of the most profitable, and certainly the farthest reaching traders of Northern Europe. Reaching all the way from the Mediterranean Sea to the Northern shores of Russia (before Russia was a country), east to the United Kingdom (today), Iceland, in addition to many others. Following their lead, we too are setting up a shop here at Whispers of the Norse and have a store dedicated to trading and bartering.

Artists who are selling their wares through the store at Whispers of the Norse, have the option to be included in our “Shipside Trading” option to sell or barter their items.

Bartering and trading was a way that peoples throughout the world have interconnected moving commerce along its evolutionary path. In recognition of its contribution, the Alaskan Úlfhé∂nar offers the Whispers of the Norse Shipside Trading.

All listed values on items are negotiable, make your best offer and maybe the Viking you are dealing with is open to a deal.

How it Works?

Buyers (Party On Shore)
  1. To start the process, browse the items listed below to find something you are interested in.
  2. Upon finding the item you are interested in trading for, send an email to with your offer(*).
  3. The staff will reach out to the individual that listed the item via email to provide the proposal.
  4. The listing person will respond with a counter-offer (if any), and the negotiations will continue until a deal is agreed upon.
  5. Upon agreement, the buyer will submit a deposit for the total value of his item to the Whispers of the Norse store.
  6. The both parties will inform the Whispers of the Norse store of an agreement, and provide shipping notifications.
Seller (Party on the Ship (listing person))
  1. To start the process, submit the items you wish to barter, providing the information below(**).
  2. In addition, you will need to pay for your listing, (15% of fair market value)(***) as well as the deposit for the full value of the item minus shipping.
  3. Maintain an email address that the negotiations will be completed with.
  4. Provide the shipping notification upon agreement with a buyer (person on shore).
Both Parties Understanding
  1. Upon agreement, the buyer will provide a deposit of the full market value to the Whispers of the Norse store for their item.
  2. The Whispers of the Norse store will retain the deposit from the seller.
  3. Upon agreement by both parties that the item they have agreed to has arrived and is the condition it was offered, they will inform the Whispers of the Norse store.
  4. Both deposits are returned to their owners.
Trading Process

(*)Buyer’s Offer must include:

  • Total value of the item offered (this can be calculated using the internet for “pricing second hand things”) including shipping cost.
  • At-least six pictures of your item, pictures should CLEARLY show all sides, movement (if-any), operation (if-any).
  • Validated email address that must be maintained throughout the negotiations.

(**) Seller’s item for trade

  • Same information above from Seller’s Offer

(***) Fair Market Value

  • Fair Market Value ranges between 25 – 45% of retail cost for the item. Collectability and condition may increase the value beyond that range, however, the value must be validated by some other source.

Other Rules of Trade & Barter

In the days of our ancestors, they lived by a very strict code of honor. Therefore, it was expected that all parties who entered into negotiations were of honorable intent, however, just so that we are all in agreement, the following rules shall apply.

  1. Both parties must be over the age of 18 years old (on their last birthday) to initiate a trade.
  2. Both parties must personally own the items involved in the trade.
  3. Both parties must agree to hold Whispers of the Norse, Alaskan Úlfhé∂nar, and Alaska Outlaw Productions LLC harmless for any loss associated with a transaction.
  4. Recognition that the deposit for the individual will be surrendered to the other party if either item is inaccurate, defective, damaged, or lost.
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