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The Shaman’s teachings are about letting go of millennia of population behavior controls and finding one’s self. The Shaman channels the Úlfhé∂nar each week to produce a message of peeling back the layers of doctrine produced by the population behavior control mechanisms to reveal each of our spiritual cores in an effort to establish and strengthen our connection to the spiritual realm around us. The Shaman has been given a gift by his deities Ó∂inn and Freyja to give the tribes of the physical realm the clarity to see through the brainwashing to discover their own spiritual identities and begin to find true peace, contentment, and most of all the desire to peacefully coexist.


Each week, the Shaman produces an audio and video podcast about a message channeled from his ancestor, the Úlfhe∂nar. This message is about 30 minutes long and he hopes to convey ideas as to how we, using meditative practices can begin the process of finding our way back to our ancestry and spiritual realm. He then has a public conversation with the many enlightened individuals who follow him on one of the many platforms he appears on. These conversations with our listeners fosters in the relevant experiences to highlight certain perspectives of the message, resonating with more of us. Finally, he appears on other podcasts and interviews others for inclusion in a recording that we produce.

To see more about the many different platforms the Shaman’s message is relayed on, see our Press & Media Page


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