Skáldskapr: Our intimacy with the Spiritual Realm.

Humans do not seem to have as many struggles with their physical relationships as they do with their spiritual ones. We (the human race) have a much easier time interpreting our visual, combined with our audible input, as to better understanding our physical relationships than we do with interacting with a spiritual force that gave us life. Regardless as to whether you believe in evolution, or one of the many creation stories documented throughout the previous millennia, I believe we can all agree that there was a process that begat modern day humans. Whether it’s Embla and Ask, Adam and Eve, or Dick and Jane, they did not have the technological minds that modern day humans current use. But, they did possess the foundations of the mind processing capability to get here from there. In much the same way, I believe that the anatomical modern humans that migrated out of Africa about 200 thousand years ago possessed the capability to get from there to here.


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