Skáldskapr: Seeking light in the Dark. The path to re-discovering our contentment

Shaman’s Teaching

Alaska Úlfhé∂nar

Skáldskapr: Seeking light in the Dark. The path to re-discovering our contentment

Release Date: November 22nd, 2023

In this episode the Shaman speaks about our taking control of our thought process to maintain a better mental health by understanding the energy transference between ourselves and each or our presents. He discusses the value of carrying emotional energy beyond its useful life that would have the capacity to undermine our positive energy. A great episode to listen to when struggling with depression, or frustration with our trajectory in life.

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Segment 1

Struggling with the inability to break out of a depressive funk, or maybe struggling to find a reason to laugh or have joy in our lives.

  • There are two major paths that we can become overwhelmed by our emotional programming.
    • Psychological Trauma
    • Compounded Stress
  • Psychological trauma undermines the contentment we had in our lives.
  • Compounded Stress is the layering of stress upon stress, upon emotional reactions.

Explain the journey that is altered by each “present” we experience.

Segment 2

Once broken, a change occurs.

  • Meaning we have to understand the “new us”, not returning to the original.
  • Building thought processes that help us navigate through a maelstrom of emotional chemistry flooding our minds.
  • Sometimes we need to determine an end-point for carrying pain beyond its valuable lifecycle.

If one were to toss a large rock into a stream one would see where the stream would try to push it, then, it would divert its energy around it. This is the same with our lives having a trauma tossed into it. We have to divert around the trauma, being able to absorb the ability of the fluidity of the stream.

Segment 3

Our path is altered indelibly following any type of psychological trauma, however so too is our foundational DNA structure. We need to consider that there is no ability to change what has happened, we need to learn the lesson and move forword, considering what those things we’ve lost would want for us.

This weeks topic of meditation: Undestanding our changes, a new contentment.

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