Skáldskapr:Our Mind. Understanding how we think.

Shaman’s Teachings

Alaska Úlfhé∂nar

Skáldskapr: Our Mind. Understanding how we think.

Hosted by: Alaska Úlfhé∂nar

Release Date: May 1st, 2024

In this episode the Shaman is joined by his grandfather to discuss how the brain actually works from a laymen’s perspective. While there are tons of scientific explainations for much of the brain, the “magic” it is capable of making is still largely misunderstood. From a laymen’s view of our thinking process, it becomes easier to understand both: how we think, and just as importantly, what natural processes change that thought process. The Shaman and his grandfather discuss the human thought process as well as a comparison against a dog’s thinking. During the discussion, they will talk about the evolution of the human thought process.

Sagnlandet Lejre (Land of Legends)


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