Spiritual Magic

History of Magical Usage

To the Norse, magic was a requirement for successful engagement in many different facets of their lives. Most of the magic I have become familiar with originates with the Celtic peoples southwest of the Elba River in Germany before the formation of (what would become) Scandanavia. As Roman rule came and went in southern Europe, most humans of the time feared the Druids of the Celts, and these Celts would migrate and become some of the central Germanic tribes. These Druids wielded unnatural powers. Ultimately, the study and practice of magic from these Germanic tribes would migrate north to become an embedded piece of the Norse culture.

Based on what I know of the magic, and its usage, there is also a substantial amount of influence from the practice of the Sámi people of the northern parts of Scandanavia. We see, within the magic incantations, many of the same practices we associate with indigenous peoples throughout the world. This recognition has led me on the path of discovery of the roots to employing magic from the world of antiquity until now.

Magical Understanding

What many may not know, is that the idea of “prayer” and of “worship” is a type of Galdr magic from Celtic history, as are the hymns and other songs of modern religious practices. As the practice of using the song to alter one’s predicament or position in life’s journey is a historic practice of the Celt’s of southern Europe, which would migrate north as part of the Germanic migration period. The use of song and “incantation” to affect the spiritual world, in an effort to align one’s desires with one’s journey is the underlying idea behind any type of magic. As magic is simply the use of the spiritual entities to “encourage” or influence future factors that align one’s desires, so as to assist the individual in “walking into their desires” as they evolve down their individual journey of life. This basic principle is what “prayer” is all about. So, the alignment of the deity’s gifts (or blessings) intersects with the individual’s journey of life.

Worship becomes stronger magic, as the Celt’s would use multiple Shamans in their efforts to ensure the magic worked. So in much the same way, public worship simply being multiple voices raised to increase the effectiveness of the magic incanted. The use of private worship would demonstrate the increased importance of the request made of the spiritual realm, however, the idea would be essentially the same. By focusing the powers, or by increasing the volume of attendees, one has the ability to increase the level of influence on the spiritual realm to ensure success.

Norse Magic

In the days of our ancestors there in Northern Germany, and Southern Denmark, a large part of their beliefs included this use of magic. This magic was gifted through the bloodline from generation to generation. Individuals would train for years to harness the energies to use this magic, for both good, and nefarious purposes. The magic was understood to be primarily feminine in nature, however, the all-father Ó∂inn acquired the use of the Sei∂r magic from his wife Freyja. The use of magic was then transferred to certain individuals who learned to utilize this energy for the benefit of the clan. Norse magic came to individuals, typically in three forms:

  1. Sei∂r (Seer) magic, which was known to utilize the spiritual world around them to enact different needs for the individuals. This is really the mainstay of real “magic”, however, it most often than not, was simply a method in which to convince the spiritual entities to “encourage” other life forms to interact differently, thereby altering the future. The idea of having spirits do the “dirty work” not only worked for the benefit of the individual but also in the benefit of the spiritual source as well, as integrating with other spiritual forms is something they enjoy for memory transfers.
  2. Spawife/Thule magic, which used the powers within to prophetize the future and enact the necessary energies to see that prophecies through to fruition. This may seem contradictory to what many of my ancestors would have believed, as they were focused on “the self”, and had the ability to change the trajectory through this physical lifetime at any point, meaning that their prophecy outcomes would change. Ultimately, when it came to prophetizing the future, one could predict the path, if it didn’t change. But, the option to change direction was always left up to the individual completing the journey.
  3. Galdr magic, which is actually the oldest form, stems from the Germanic tribes migrating north, which includes song and music. This magic indicates that the power to affect change resides within each of us, we simply need to incant (speak) our desires. We have all the tools necessary to be sentient beings without our bodies. Being able to ensure our physical health, as well as our mental health, is all part of our internal powers that we have total control of. The use of sounds, and phrases, to stir our emotional processes into creating the right kind of energy is a natural process.

Another form of magic used heavily by the Norse was “the Runes“. While the Runes are simply a method in which the spiritual realm can communicate to the physical realm in a way that is easily recognizable. The Runes used by my ancestors can be used interchangeably with “Tarot cards” and other prophetic mechanisms that would allow “the fates” (Nornir sisters) to communicate with those of the physical realm. However, the idea that many seemed to get stuck on, was this idea that the “tarot was one of finality”, and they, like the Runes, simply point out what path the inquisitor is on, not the destiny. The inquisitor can alter their path at any time if they do not want the path that the Fates foretell with the Runes (or Tarot).

As a sworn Úlfhé∂inn of Ó∂inn, I have been given the powers to harness the spiritual energies around me and enact these forms of magic to assist my clan in remaining healthy and obtaining the knowledge they need to live a life of peace and harmony.


All incantations have both the recordings of the Úlfhé∂nar performing the incantation, as well as a written copy that you may download and use for yourself.

Spell or Incantation MP3 Download PDF Download
Runic Healing Incantation
This incantation is for those who have fallen ill and are unable to restore the spiritual balance. The Germanic tribes of early Europe used a form of Galdr magic to incant healings.
Incantation mp3 Incantation PDF
Traveling Protection Incantation
This incantation is for those who seek to travel throughout their community and the world at large. The Germanic tribes would have carried Talismen and asked for protection along their travels in those earlier days.
Traveling.mp3 Coming Soon
Wisdom of Life’s Journey Incantation
We all seek to know the wisdom of Kvasir, and sip the Mead of Odinir to obtain the knowledge and wisdom of our physical existence. The early Germanic tribes would have constantly sought wisdom to make their lives more pleasant.
Lifes-journey.mp3 Coming Soon

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