Spiritual Survey #001

PhD in Psychology

There will be a few of these surveys that I am extremely thankful that you have decided to help me by being a part of the study. The study, “Spirituality as an integral part of the Human Psychology” aims to prove that in-lieu of the five senses that we all remember from health class, there is another one. The sixth one, which my studies will prove that is connected to the spiritual world around us. Whether you believe in a god, gods, or spirits, is irrelevant here, I would like to prove that every life form has a spirit with which it can communicate. I deeply appreciate you taking the time to complete the surveys, as they are data points at which I can structure the “real-world” brain monitoring tests later during the study.

All information necessary for this study is completely anonymous, and I do not collect any information “behind the scenes”, as I am only interested in proving my theory. You can either choose to be a part of the study, or not. If you have any questions about the studies, please don’t hesitate to email me at studies@akoutlaw.com. You’re welcome to review the DRAFT OUTLINE of the thesis here [THESIS]

Survey #001

Spiritual Association Questionnaire #1
About You
Obtaining baseline data for doctorate study regarding the spiritual connection to the psychology of an individual.

Your Age Group

Are you male or female? (Biologically)

What would you say is your level of formal education?

Do you live in a rural or urban location? (urban being qualified as more than 100,000 people)

How many years would you qualify yourself as being exposed (actual participating (even loosely)) to "Religion"? (provide # of years)

In which environment do you find the most comfort? (by yourself)

If you would like to be involved in the remainder of this study, please provide your email address below.

Cultural Understandings
Understanding how connected we are to the culture that we have.

If you had to give one culture that you associate with, what would it be?

On a scale of 1 - 10 (1 being the strongest) how strong is your embrace of this culture?

Does your culture celebrate some form of religion?

How does your deity communicate with you?

Do you listen for the reply from your deity? Or search for visual markers that you "feel" the deity placed there?

If I told you that your deity didn't exist in reality, what would your response be? Why?

Do you feel that the practice of paganism or heathenism is evil?

Spiritual Understandings
Understanding our association to spiritually with the environment

Do you feel more comfortable with plants or animals around you? (Rather than being alone)

Would you confess that you have experienced a "sixth sense" and may have had an idea about an event before it happened?

Have you experienced a powerful unexplained feeling (Depressed, Anger, Anxiety, Sad, etc) during the day?

Have you ever had a solution to a problem "POP" into your head that you hadn't even considered prior?

On a scale of 1 - 10 (one being the strongest) what would you rate your belief in a "infinte being(s)" (god)?

Which of the following short scenarios sounds the most relaxing?

In the previous question you identified the most comfortable scenario. In a very short paragraph define why?

Dream Understandings
Studying the impact of spiritual connections to the individual during sleep

Have you ever experienced a very VIVID dream?

Have you ever seen a deceased ancestor in a dream?

Have you experienced a dream that made no sense? Or of something you've never seen before?

Have you ever been woken from a deep sleep to find a problem? (ie, broken water pipe, dishwasher flooded, etc)

Do you feel as if your dreams are trying to give you a message of some sort?

Have you ever woken from a dream and been exhausted because of the actions within the dream?

Spiritual Exposure
Defining how much an individual has been exposed to spiritual influence.

On a scale of 1 - 10 (1 being the strongest) how strongly do you believe in spirits? (or any paranormal)

Would you say that you have been exposed to some type of Spiritual energy?

(if Yes above) Was the experience postive or negative?

Have you experienced the "tingling" on the back of your neck unexpectantly?

Have you ever thought you saw something, that wasn't really there?

Have you ever felt a presence that you couldn't see?

Have you ever found yourself talking to yourself?

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