Trommerne (The Drums)

In the 1981 classic movie directed by Steven Spielberg “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (see IMDB), Indiana Jones’s adversary Rene Belloq (played by Paul Freeman) quotes “It’s a transmitter, a radio for speaking to God”. Although in the movie he was describing the Lost Ark of the Covenant which (according to lore held the broken ten commandments), what he was really talking about was “the drum”. Drums are the communicators that can cross between the physical and spiritual realms, connecting us physical forms to those entities beyond our vision. I have always been passionate about drums. Being completely deaf in one ear, and partially deaf in the other, the concussive feelings that one gets when the drum drops the beat has always been a comfort to me, as in most instances it’s all I could ever hear. Had I realized back then that it was indeed the connection between this realm and the other, I may have investigated it more deeply.

I have chosen to reaffirm my connection to my ancestry through the use of my drums, of which I have several.  I have taken over all the sounds for meditation, show releases, and most comforting, attendance in my “drum circles” which has brought a great sense of pride and connection to the realm of my ancestors. Feeling the big drums of the Celtic-Norse has restored my hope and my sense of self as I feel the ancestors joining my drum circles, even when I’m alone.

The drum heals, it mends both the heart and the mind of humankind by raising the frequency around us and by inciting our own energy generation. It can call to the other realms bringing our ancestors to our aid in healing and growth in our spirituality. It is capable of creating frequencies that can assist us in clearing our aura thereby fostering communications between our subconscious mind and that of our spiritual ancestry. It does not surprise me at all that almost every culture throughout history has employed the use of the drum to connect a population to its own ancestors and spiritual entities, to include the deities.

Yea, the drum is really all that.

More to Come…

I will be posting my drumming creations here. There are several categories of my drumming,

  • Drumming Meditation
  • Rituals
  • Songs and Music
  • Sound Effects

Looking to host “Drumming Circles” in the near future.

Stay tuned.

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