The counsel of the Úlfhé∂nar

Spiritual Counseling


Using the practices of his ancient Norse heritage, he interprets the influences that are causing distress in individuals and help develop concrete steps to move forward with their lives. By addressing the guilt/shame cycle created by the implementation of monotheism, he creates space within the mind where you can then focus your thinking to overcome the overwhelming issue of traumatic stress disorders and traumatic psychological damage. If you feel that you need some assistance in understanding the processing of your own mind, feel free to schedule some time with him, and you can build a plan to help you build mechanisms in your mind to help you function, and enjoy your life.

Please understand that the Alaskan Úlfhé∂nar has a very full schedule both: In real life, as well as his online presence. As you make your requests, we will reach out to you as we work to consolidate his in-person schedule, with his online schedule. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please be sure to include a valid email address in your request so we can work with you to combine your schedules and book the two of you as quickly as possible. Thank you.


Scheduling Questions
  1. Does the Úlfhé∂nar have "outside normal business hours?" Yes, due to the exceptionally high volume of requests we receive, the Úlfhé∂nar does, quite often provide solutions outside normal business hours.
  2. Is there a cost difference for the Úlfhé∂nar outside normal hours? No, however, due to his visitation schedule their needs to be an understanding that events need to be scheduled well in advance.
  3. Is there an issue with requesting the Úlfhé∂nar attend a Christian church event? No, the Úlfhé∂nar has no animosity toward any who seek their spiritual connection with their deity.
  4. Are there minimum time frames necessary for public speaking events? There is a minimum of two (2) hours when scheduling the Úlfhé∂nar for public events in addition to travel time greater than thirty (30) minutes one way.
Travel Questions
  1. Does the Úlfhé∂nar ever travel to other locations? Yes, the Úlfhé∂nar frequently visits other locations throughout the world.
  2. Are there additional costs to schedule events outside Anchorage? Yes, typically we charge transportation, Lodging, and a per diem for travel outside of Anchorage.
  3. Is there a maximum engagement time? Typical traveled to engagements are two or three days, with the most being a week, however, there is no technical maximum.
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