Hörgr and the counsel of the Úlfhé∂nar

Wake up every day feeling hopeful and fully alive. Rediscover what happiness looks like for you. Strengthen your relationships, and get to know yourself again. Embrace radical self-forgiveness and feel good in your body, too.

Then, make these changes last forever. 

“I’m determined to unhook from the chaos of the past, feel better, and live every day feeling truly alive.

Counseling for the Modern World

Wise Warriors

Introducing the Wise Warriors, Alaskan men and women using simple tools and Norse spiritual guidance to rebuild their sense of peace and purpose, refusing to waste another day feeling overwhelmed by depression, anger, and brain-fog. They’re enjoying more social time with friends and loved ones and managing their triggers in a healthy way.

Whether you’re just starting to explore alternative spirituality, or you’re well steeped in Celtic-Norse theology, the path of the Wise Warrior is the better way to process painful memories, heal trauma, and finally move forward so you can live life with authentic joy.

This sums up the Wise Warrior mentality.

  1. But maybe you’ve been waiting until it gets really bad to reach out for help because that’s what society tells us you to do.
  2. Or maybe you’ve tried other healing modalities, like traditional therapy, but it just didn’t help as much as you’d hoped.
  3. Perhaps you’ve been doing your own research about Norse mythology, but your having trouble accessing the transformative spiritual connection you’re seeking.
  4. Or maybe you’re just trying to figure out how to control your own responses when you’re triggered and start sleeping better at night.
Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Our Shaman has spent the last decade assisting our brave men and women returning to civilian lives after serving in combat zones to reclaim their lives and give them hope and joy. Typically working with individuals to identify the obstacles to releasing a large amount of stress, bundled into the brain memories, to build coping mechanisms, that will become behavior, which will ultimately become part of the individual’s personality. Knowing that these memories have already fundamentally changed the individual at their core, working to build an understanding and will to move past them is critical. These sessions can be done over the internet, by phone, or in person.

Active Duty Military – Combat Veteran – Retiree/Veteran – First Responders – Support Circles – Individuals

Life Pressures – Grieve – Stress – Anxiety – Depression

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

After spending a lifetime studying relationships between peoples throughout the world, the Shaman has many different solutions to help couples “mend their fences” and move forward building happy, healthy relationships that are equally successful. Fully understanding of a cultural heritage that provided a role model of equality between individuals the Shaman has developed methods to help couples to see things from the other’s perspective. The Shaman meets with couples either in-person, or via remote communication. He understands that sometimes to complete the work at a couple’s level, one must address each individual within the relationship.

Pre-Marriage – Co-Existence – Same-Sex – Family Planning – Conflict Resolution – Trust Establishment – Social Pressures

Group Counseling

Group Counseling

Working with hundreds of individuals throughout the world, at every socio-economic demographic that has been called out, solutions can be found that can help men and women go on and live happy, successful lives following a substantial psychologically traumatic injury. With a strong background in spirituality, our Shaman offers simple steps that can help bridge the psychological trauma experienced, to the joy and peace on the other side. Typically working over the internet or by phone, and sometimes in-person, our Shaman offers treatment options for both: the individual, as well as their support team, to ensure a higher level of success.

Depression – Stress – Anxiety – Self-Esteem – Anger – Relationships – Grief – Mental Health

Certified Western-trained Usui Reiki Master

Certified Western-trained Usui Reiki Master

Using the methods outlined within the practice of Western Usui Reiki, our Shaman harnesses the energies of the Universe to work within the body’s Chakras, thereby allowing for the healing powers of the universe to flood the body and repair damage. These practices have a substantial amount of science behind them now and allow both physical ailments, as well as mental challenges to be addressed either: in-person, or remotely. The power of Reiki healing cannot be overstated.

Mental – Physical – Spiritual

Celtic-Norse Shaman

Celtic-Norse Shaman

Following a lifetime of research and learning theology and spirituality throughout hundreds of different cultures since before the recording of history, Our Shaman has arrived at his personal spirituality and beliefs. As mentioned elsewhere he was formerly an ordained chaplain of the monotheistic studies, however, after discovering the spiritual realm of his Celtic-Norse ancestors he submerged himself in the associative studies between the understanding of spirituality, and its effect on human psychology. He has worked with thousands of individuals as a “spiritual advisor” where he addressed methods and mechanisms to have happy, mentally healthy lives.

Unlike many in the profession of psychological counseling our Shaman does not maintain an office setting, preferring to connect our friends with the power of Jörð (Mother Earth). His desire is to get a solution in place that will help you enjoy your life as quickly as possible. By helping you balance your spiritual and physical selves, he fosters your own self to create the solutions you need to become successful. He is a friend, brother, many have even referred to him as the quintessential “grandfather” figure. He defines his role as helping you find the answers you need within yourself for you get back to a happier, more fulfilling life. In addition to the traditional roles completed by our Shaman for a community, our Shaman also specializes and can work with our friends in:

Teaching – Rituals – Collaboration

Individual Counseling

Whether we have experienced a traumatic event, or if a series of mentally challenging events are piling up on our minds, having a voice to talk to and help us make sense of the world grows our intrinsic hope for a brighter future. By joining together with the Shaman in an individual counseling session, you can receive the energy necessary, and the plan to implement change into our everyday lives.



Per hour of service

Couples & Group Counseling

Whether the group be a couple, or (up to) six, the necessity to join together cannot be overstated. By attracting more spiritual energy to a solution, the more quickly the solution can be implemented in our lives. By bringing together individuals interested in discovering a solution, we can generate positive energy toward the restoration of vibrancy and personal energy.



Per Person / Per hour of service

Spiritual Counseling for Military/First Responders

After struggling personally re-joining the civilian world after military service, the Shaman learned how to acquire the balance between the spiritual self and the physical one. These are the lessons he has taken away to create the “illumination” below. A lock-step process of getting control of our feelings, to deal with them and move on to happier, more enjoyable lives.



Per hour of Service

Ritualistic Practices

Utilizing the universal energies that the Shaman has, added to the experience of a seasoned Celtic-Norse Shaman, the Shaman offers many different services for practitioners around the globe, both: in-person and through the use of technology. Weddings, birth blessings, seasonal ceremonies, and death rituals are some of the many rituals the Shaman has been involved in.



Per hour of Service ($20/hr discount for baby blessings)

Reiki Healing

Trained in the art of Reiki, the Shaman has a modified version of the Western Reiki to include the power of his gods, those of Norse legends through the use of the Elder Futhark Runes for the opening of the body’s Chakra to allow the healing process to begin.



Per hour of Service

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The Alaska Úlfhé∂nar is pioneering a better way to find your faith again and live a peaceful, meaningful life.

The Sanctuary of Hörgr

In the traditions of the Old Norse, there was a particular area in which they knew that they were safe. The area was a type of alter, or sanctuary. The Alaska Úlfhé∂nar recognizes this area, called Hörgr, was identified in most of the Eddas as that place where we are safe to connect our spiritual selves with the gods and spiritual realm. Many societies throughout the ancient world accepted and understood the balance between the spiritual realm of the gods and that of the physical one of man. They maintained their balances between the two in a special place within each village. Whether we gather in the chieftain’s great hall, or a temple dedicated to the gods, there has always existed the idea of the sanctuary.

Why a Shaman?

Many have asked me why one  should seek a Shaman when having mental health issues? The answer is actually quite simple. The “Human Condition” requires  that our entire “self” remain in balance throughout our lifetime. When either the physical or the spiritual side of our entity should experience a drop or rise in energy over the other, we find that we experience a mental confusion which may release the incorrect hormones into the blood stream, thereby convincing our mind that we feel a certain way, this is how the human body is designed to work. These feelings and more importantly, the control of these feelings fall squarely on the balance of our unique selves.

With the contradictions happening everyday around us created by the millennia of teachings from the modern-day church, we can find ourselves seemingly eroding our intellect with every possible invalidation of certain pillars of already acquired knowledge. The conflict within our minds occurs when we experience something that starkly contradicts the utopia that the modern-church teachings infer.

This is why we should seek someone who has a lifetime of experience outside of these teachings to help us understand a better way forward. Someone who can help us repair the balance between the physical and spiritual selves. The Shaman.

Healing the Mind and Body

Critical Keys to Success

On the way to our solution, we must know that there will arise some instances where we will have to manage the overwhelming impact of a traumatic event in the present tense. We have used the simplicity of my ancestors to help hundreds of patients all over the world, who have found joy and happiness beyond the pain of psychologically traumatic events. While much of the program depends on this simplicity, a critical key to its success is the support network. Primarily this system was developed to assist individuals suffering from severe, to extreme post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms following tours of duty in the military, or extended time as a first-responder.

There are three critical keys to the success of this method:

  1. Honor. By being completely honest with ourselves, and those who support us, we can accomplish these steps in earnest.
  2. Intent. The individual must commit to this solution, and give all their energy to its success. While we may demonstrate the path, your success depends on you doing the actions.
  3. Support. Regardless of the relationship, having individuals who know, or who can understand why an individual reacts the way they do, ensures greater success for the whole group.

This process comes from an individual who has endured the steps necessary to overcome the psychological carnage caused when we attempt to reconcile the sensory input of combat, to the societal values of life in a civilized world. While many will assume the “bravado” to cover up for emotional turmoil while retaining a lot of the underlying emotional conflict.

Reiki Energy Mastery

Western Usui Reiki Master trained by Melissa Crowhurst

Reiki is the study of harnessing Universal Energy within the biological bodies to heal itself. By unlocking the Chakras within the body to allow the energy to visit different positions in the body, we find that we can promote self-healing by aligning the spirit with the mind. Aligning his Reiki practices to the studies of magic in antiquity, Dr. Weisman is able to help people to unlock their own potential, to heal themselves for a better life.

  • Guide for Reiki-based self-scan and healing.
  • Reiki spiritual healer for individual challenges
  • Reiki spiritual healer for larger-scale catastrophes  

While the practice of Reiki comes from the Japanese culture, the association of spiritual energy, and its management to assist the spiritual self to heal the physical self exists throughout all of the indigenous beliefs of the world. While Dr. Weisman applies the Reiki concepts of symbolism and energy channeling into his Celtic-Norse cultural beliefs.

As a certified Western Usui Reiki Master natural healer, Dr. Weisman incorporates spiritual self-healing into his solutions. By helping individuals discover and explore their own healing energies, by opening the chakras fully to experience the Universal Life Energy. Dr. Weisman performs both in-person, and remote, Reiki healing for people around the world.

Aligning Our Intention

In the days of our ancestors, each man aboard a vessel would have been required to man an oar, and help the vessel get out into deeper water, where the sails could fill out and carry the vessel and crew across the seas. This same principle has come to define that there are things that we need to do, our action steps.

  1. Intention. Herein lies the majority of the healing work, and it has been my experience that this is where my ancestral beliefs come into the process. My ancestors believed that any path forward in any aspect was a path that they would have to initialize. No magic entities, no magic potions, simply aligning their spirits and mind by going forward.
  2. Commitment. More or less this really accompanies our Intention, however, the key to knowing is that the burden of success lies on an individual. Placing accountability upon our own shoulders, it allows us the opportunity to claim the credit for the victories completed.

Please feel free to reach out and schedule some time with the Shaman While some programs take weeks or months to complete, sometimes up to a year. This isn't like that, so let's talk about how this "program" is implemented in your unique situation.

  1. We ask that the participants "commit" to the program, by swearing an "oath" to complete it. This demonstration sets into the mind of the individual the concept that an oath MUST be retained, regardless of the obstacle. This practice was heavily depended on during the time of our ancestors, where an oath was the cornerstone of an individual's honor.
  2. Together, we talk about the benefits and practices of the demonstrations necessary. Why and when to demonstrate these behaviors to assist us.
  3. Together, we work to develop a "mechanism" to:
    1. Identify when the emotional escalations are beginning and,
    2. When to implement our "stop" function, allowing the individual to arrest the escalating emotional status.
  4. Together, the support team, and the individual, designate "actions" to further assist us in stopping the escalation with defined steps to resolve the situation.

Implementing the steps afterward is a natural progression toward getting this escalating emotional response to dilute the chemicals within the brain, without the need for additional chemistry. We each need to accept responsibility for our actions and our reactions.

You can do this! You can heal.

Critical Support Team Effort

While the heavy-lift resides with the individual, their support network can be absolutely pivotal in the success of the individual. Let’s look at SBTA from the support perspective. This will become a critical element for the success of the individual. Regardless of the relationship between the support team member and the individual, whether it’s a spouse, kids, girlfriend, parent, good friend, aunt, uncle, or even a grandparent, understanding the challenges and being there to provide comfort and support. Ok, let’s look at what we’ll ask our support team members needs to do.

  1. Separate and Cover. So, we’re out in public, and we notice our teammate beginning to trigger (recognition of emotional triggering is our first lesson). Our job then becomes, to separate our teammates from the situation. Our “job” is to place a gap between the teammate and the public.
  2. Breathe and Sooth. Next up we need to encourage our teammates to breathe by demonstration, talk in a lower, and slower voice, and recognize that our teammates may not have any control over the emotional response they are having.
  3. Suggest options. As a support person, we need to allow our teammate to begin their thought process. We need to support their thinking by suggesting supporting thoughts, after they have had time to properly process the situation, and then, slowly introduce ideas.
  4. Act and Support. We need to follow the lead of our teammates, we need to give them the satisfaction of getting through this challenge independently. Once our teammate begins to automate this process, we will find that they are capable of moving past this and having a good time with enjoying their lives.

In our discoveries, primarily working with those individuals who find themselves emotionally "triggered" through certain societal interactions and experience post-traumatic stress disorder, we have developed a straightforward path to re-acquiring a stable, productive path forward to success. Our solution,

Stop, Breathe, Think, Act or SBTA (Sab-Tah)

From the affected individual’s perspective. The steps within this process are incredibly limited, as there are only four, but they are critical as to their necessity within the solution. Throughout our experiences of using this method, we must admit the first step is the most challenging, however, its mastery opens the door to a life of joy and happiness. As mentioned above, the individual must have the intent and the commitment to get to a place of success.

  1. Stop. This is by far the most difficult of all the steps, however, it is also the most rewarding. Stop tells us that we must "arrest" the raw, guttural emotion as it starts to build. We’ve always encouraged our clients to make demonstrative gestures indicating when they are deploying this process. By consciously focusing on the gesture, we are migrating the focus of the mind, thereby reducing the chemical imbalance, essentially beginning the release. In addition, this step alerts our support network that we are engaging our adjustment mechanism so that they can help.
  2. Breathe. Once we have arrested our emotional train wreck, it’s now time to put the change of emotions into high gear by engaging in some exaggerated breathing exercises or some other distraction method. Again, by exaggerating our actions, we draw our focus and attention to them, helping to take our mind off what it was that caused a “trigger” within the memories of the individual. The other reason for the oversized breaths is to allow the brain to become a little over-saturated with oxygen, which assists in returning the chemical pH balance, thereby reducing the stress levels, carefully ensuring the individual does not hyper-ventilate.
  3. Think. With all the shifting focus of attention, we should now have a little “headspace” within our brain’s processing capabilities that lets us think of what the next step is. This is where other supportive technologies like “affirmations” can help. Working in conjunction with our support team who are going to suggest options, or use some focus totem, we can begin to get the necessary plans together. By completing the breathing exercises in step 2, we find that the increased oxygen to the brain, and the re-stabilization of the pH balance within the brain, give us a little room to actually engage our thought processes.
  4. Act. Upon the successful decision of a particular plan, we can then act upon that informed decision. While our methods always prefer a less confrontational action to be taken, at least until we have had some time to properly plan for what’s next. 

This is one method of helping individuals to build mechanisms to help them enjoy a happier life. The damage caused by the original event will never be “cured”, biologically, or psychologically, speaking, as the best we can ever hope for, is learning to live now with these new memories. This thing to know here is that the brain has experienced a paradigm shift in its understandings and at the same time many of those we interact with haven’t. 

Coping Mechanism -> Behavior -> Personality

While our practices include many understandings developed under the spiritual practices of antiquity, I do not demand religious obedience, nor any religious alignment. The methods that we use can be supported by any theology or religious affiliation. We have been told that many have come to a deeper understanding and appreciation for whatever association they have with their interpretation of a deity, the idea that you alone will need to complete this journey is a cornerstone to success.

NOTE: Over dramatization of the individual steps is a “conscious effort”, and therefore includes an intent, as well as the proper signal to the brain that we “know” its time to do something, this is the reason I encourage each of my friends to be overzealous when demonstrating this step engagement.

Questions about working with the Shaman


The Shaman provides consultation services and conversational therapy ONLY. Some matters may require psychological treatment and/or medications. The Shaman's advise or suggestions should never supercede your medical professional.

Following a tour in the military, then, several years as a high-value security agent, his need to re-obtaining a societal, psychological balance was a hard-fought journey that, due to the resources available at the time, he had to fight alone. Since then, he has worked with thousands of individuals throughout the decade as a Chaplain, then, another decade (so far) as a Shaman. As a Shaman, he discovered that the spirit is at the direct center of any psychological concerns or issues. By effectively working with the individual to obtain a balance of the spirit, he is able to assist individuals in straightening out their thought processes.

Because of the Shaman’s very busy schedule, he does not seek the certification process necessary to become a counselor for the United States Veteran’s Administration (VA). Choosing to work as a “spiritual advisor”, Mark has worked with thousands of individuals to provide an understanding of how the mind and the spirit are connected. Without the need for any type of salvation, Mark works with individuals and their support needs to ensure overall success, regardless of their spiritual affiliation.

In addition, Mark is a Western Usui Reiki Master healer, certified in the field by Melissa Crowhurst of Natural Healer in Australia. In this role, he uses the techniques defined by the Western translation of the Usui method of Reiki healing. Primarily used remotely, he has completed many in-person healings here in Alaska. Dr. Weisman quite often refers to this method to begin the process of healing with the physical, or spiritual, self.

As such, Mark does not accept Medicaid, Medicare, or TriCare. Appointments are on a sliding scale, with donations always accepted. Our costs are reasonable, and the shaman will work with his “friends” as long as it takes (many times without payment) to ensure our veterans are able to enjoy the life that they fought for.

Please read the questions below, before submitting your request for time with the Shaman.

Contact Questions
  1. Does the Shaman prefer in-person, or remote contact? Typically, because of his almost constant traveling schedule, he prefers remote contact and works with many clients throughout the world.
  2. Where is the Shaman's office? The Shaman does not maintain an office. As a spiritual leader and guide, he typically travels to other locations or enjoys meeting with people in nature.
  3. Is the Shaman bound by HiPPA or other policies? As a psychological counselor, although he is sworn to privacy and confidentiality rules by a much higher power but, he does recognize man's laws regarding these conditions.
  4. Can the Shaman work with departments and/or businesses for employees? Yes, the Shaman can work with anyone, however, due to his schedule, he reserves the right to decline some potential future "friends", or large groups.
  5. Will the Shaman work with children? Yes, however, a parent or guardian must attend, as well as potentially the invitation of other psychological practitioners. Our organization seeks to protect the Shaman by maintaining transparency.
  6. Do I have to subscribe to the Celtic or Norse religion for the Shaman to help? No. The Shaman prefers that individuals find their spiritual comfort in whatever religion they feel compelled to follow. The Shaman does request that individuals recognize the spiritual influence within their mind, but has no preference as to what theology they hold.
  7. Does the Shaman require "paperwork" from his clients? The Shaman does not have "clients", he works as a friend. The forms may be submitted online as well as in paper form.
  8. Does the Shaman only provide service for military or first responders? No. The Shaman works with anyone who asks. We have had many "friends" who have never served in the military or have no association with first responders.
  9. Does the Shaman only work with citizens of the United States? No. The Shaman assists individuals around the world, in every socioeconomic class to find peace of mind.
Scheduling Questions
  1. Does the Úlfhé∂nar have "outside normal business hours?" Yes, due to the exceptionally high volume of requests we receive, the Shaman does, quite often provide solutions outside normal business hours.
  2. Is there a cost difference for the Úlfhé∂nar outside normal hours? No, however, due to his visitation schedule there needs to be an understanding that events need to be scheduled well in advance.
  3. Is there an issue with requesting the Úlfhé∂nar attend a Christian event? No, the Shaman has no animosity toward any who seek their spiritual connection with their deity, regardless of the affiliation.
  4. Are there minimum time frames necessary for public speaking events? There is a minimum of two (2) hours when scheduling the Úlfhé∂nar for public events in addition to travel time greater than thirty (30) minutes one way.
  5. Am I guaranteed the date and/or time I request? Not always. Due to the high volume of requests the Shaman received we are not always capable of fulfilling requested dates. In addition, the Shaman does get called to attend "emergency events" sometimes, therefore his schedule can be modified accordingly. Typically, we will reach out prior to ensure that you are taken care of.
Travel Questions
  1. Does the Úlfhé∂nar ever travel to other locations? Yes, the Úlfhé∂nar frequently visits other locations throughout the world.
  2. Are there additional costs to schedule events outside Anchorage? Yes, typically we charge transportation, Lodging, and a per diem for travel outside of Anchorage.
  3. Is there a maximum engagement time? Typical traveled to engagements are two or three days, with the most being a week, however, there is no technical maximum.
Billing Questions
  1. Do I pay everything upfront? The first hour is required, as we mention below, the Shaman works on a sliding scale, most often by donations. While we do encourage some type of payment, the Shaman feels that your spiritual balance is more important than material wealth here in the physical plane.
  2. Does the Shaman accept credit card payments? Yes, we accept all major credit card payments for services rendered.
  3. Are the Shaman's costs reasonable? Yes. The recommended payment of an hourly rate is greatly appreciated. Again, the first hour of payment is required, then the sliding scale will take over from there.
  4. Can I bill my insurance carrier or TriCare? Honestly, we don't know. While some insurance carriers allow for spiritual advising (therapy) as a form of counseling, many don't. That list is constantly changing, so our best advice is to contact your insurance carrier to inquire.

How can we work Together?

Modern-Day psychological therapy falls short on the spiritual connection established between the helped and the helper, overlooking the most powerful aspect of success, ancestral guidance. This is where establishing the balance between the spiritual and physical self can re-establish our physical and mental health. While the Shaman lives in the modern-day world, he is fully connected with the ancestors and therefore brings a potential of helping us to reconnect with ourselves to heal our minds and bodies.

Using the practices of the ancient Celtic-Norse heritage, we can identify and interpret the influences that are causing distress in individuals and help to develop concrete steps to move forward with life. By stripping away the bravado and avoidance we can address the guilt/shame cycle created by the mind in an attempt to reconcile certain acts against that of the enforced monotheistic practices underlying modern society, creating space within the mind where the focus can be obtained to overcome an overwhelming issue of traumatic stress disorders and traumatic psychological damage. Remember, the mind is not “broken”, it is simply temporarily flooded with incorrect chemistry which causes confusion and misunderstanding.

You are not Broken! You have lost your balance.

Throughout this site, we talk a lot about spirituality, and how it applies to our psychology, as it has everything to do with it. We’ve identified that while monotheistic theology has been beneficial to human society, the enforcement of its practice has sometimes been detrimental from the onset, and remains psychologically problematic today to many among us. As we begin to apply the lessons of spirituality from antiquity to our modern psychology, it becomes apparent that the enforcement of the new monotheistic practices brought with it an inherent application of guilt by shame that would ultimately be irreconcilable within our minds as society has yet to accomplish the utopia that the lessons identified. I need to reiterate, that it is not the theology that creates this negative impact, but the forced adaptation that has caused so much irreparable psychological damage, and division of the people throughout its existence. The generational enforcement of the use of guilt by the shame of these practices has created a substantial elevation of modern baseline anxiety, that has caused such an impact of large psychological trauma to the modern-day world.

Many people have come to us when traditional psychology has failed them, feeling the inability to control the sometimes, overwhelming feelings of depression, anger, or mental fatigue. Our approach is to teach methods of simplicity, and by using our built-in powers of honor and integrity we can arrest the undesired mental processes, that then allow the contentment and happiness of our lives to resurface, to be enjoyed.



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