Celtic-Norse Shaman

The Shamanic Journey

I’d like to take just a moment and introduce myself. My name is Mark Weisman, and like yourself, I too am but a traveler through a physical lifetime of learning, living, and loving. Within the last couple of decades, my ancestors have contacted me through my subconscious mind and have begun to explain many things to me. I will not claim to have all the answers, for I too sometimes struggle with understanding the words given to me from my ancestors through the visions I have with them. However, in the many years I have had in this life I have experienced a substantial amount, thereby providing me with an ample experience base to draw on. I ask that you join me in interpreting the words of my ancestors and seeing how we can apply it to our everyday life. I proudly serve my communities (both online and off) as both: a counselor for individuals suffering from debilitating psychological trauma, as well as an active, working Celtic-Norse Shaman. My beliefs are that the health of the spiritual self dictates the physical and mental health of the physical self. I come from a very long line of Germanic Danes (53 generations researched so far (estimated to 731)) from Northern Denmark (Bjereby Sogn), as well as 12 generations from Southern Ireland (Co. Waterford). After extensive academic studies in religious interpretations throughout the world, I have arrived at my Celtic-Norse roots. I have come to understand the relationships between the spiritual and physical planes of existence, and constantly work to help individuals understand their position in that relationship.

During my existence I have struggled with many of the same things that many people do. Struggles like. enduring an abusive, alcoholic parent, or returning to civilian life after a tour in the U.S. military, or even surviving a heroin overdose in late 1989. However, following the overdose, I would discover a path of growth and living that amazes me, even today, some thirty-five years later. Seven months, almost to the day following my sobriety, I would marry my shield maiden in a small ceremony in western Washington, that was over 33 years ago now. I now spend my time enjoying our five children, and four grandchildren who bless my existence everyday. The message I carry is one of hope. Is one of redemption. The understanding that each of us carries the power of change and the ability to manifest joy and harmony when we actively seek it.

I have chosen to claim the title of a Celtic-Norse Shaman, as I am called by my ancestors to that path. The idea that I am both a Norse Shaman and Celtic Druid are only titles used here on the physical realm, my understanding of the infinity included in the understanding of our spirituality is large enough to include the foundations for both these perspectives. Both: online as a teacher of spiritual understandings, and offline working within many different communities, I spend most of my time offering my services to the many who have become disenfranchised with modern religious practices, as well as my brothers and sisters returning from conflicts struggling to reacclimatize to the non-military world. By using the understandings offered by my ancestors, I have discovered that many have been able to heal their minds, and move forward to happier, more peaceful lives. As a formerly ordained chaplain of the modern-day church, I revealed the self-serving practices of these modern religions and recognized the perceived necessity to implement a methodology of mind control that was accomplished with the rise of monotheism around the turn of the common era. This, in turn, has had long-term ramifications for the general population’s psychology.

In the winter of 2019/2020 I received a vision that would confirm my birthright as an Úlfhé∂nar of Ó∂inn the all-father that would again alter the path of my trajectory through this existence. Using my inherited gift of speaking to those called the Landvætti, my intellectual growth accelerated to an enormity of understandings and recognitions. Fitting hundreds of puzzle pieces of my life together to fully understand the entirety of my journey.

My calling is to retell the oral history of my ancestry, and impart upon my listeners/readers the idea of “the self”. I attempt to help individuals look past the inherent value judgments encouraged and supported by most organized “religions” and determine their individual journeys. Assisting people in understanding that it is because of this inherited intrinsic value judgment, passed through generation after generation, attempting to force the population to behave a certain way, predominantly relying on guilt and shame to emotionally punish individuals for wanting to think, and act, differently, that there remain remnants of these memories that linger within our subconscious and lay the groundwork to be overrun by a larger traumatic event. These practices rely on most people not understanding the “mystical ways” of the spiritual world that lies outside normal preview. It is this fact alone that has convinced me that my ancestors did have it right, believing in themselves, and their own ancestry.

I recognize:

  1. No human being is wrong about their choice of theology. or their belief in a deity or deities. I respect a perceived need for personal enlightenment.
  2. While I recognize the biological/physical differences between men and women, both provide a necessity to their society and that they are fundamentally different, that they are born into a physical body that they need to learn in this physical lifetime.
  3. While I recognize skin color, I know that it has no bearing on anything, I only see the actions of individuals and realize the actions of a few do not dictate the whole.
  4. I have nothing to prove to anyone in this lifetime. The events upon my tapestry are mine to write.
  5. This lifetime is a journey of understanding and learning. My “physical lifetime” has a purpose to assist me and others beyond this physical body.
  6. I aspire to the greatness demonstrated by my ancestors (described in the Old Norse texts).

My weekly podcasts present a message of being yourself and recognizing that those things that we want to do with our lives are purely up to us. In addition, recognizing that the modern definition of “good versus evil” and “right versus wrong” is purely the imagination of some individual in antiquity.

Please feel free to look around the website, and ask any questions you may have in either English or Danish.


A Celtic-Norse Shaman

What is a Celtic-Norse Shaman?

While several Roman and Greek authors recorded the existence of Druids throughout the Celtic world generations before the introduction of Christianity, there were several different cultural misunderstandings that occurred by the mistranslation of the warrior based culture of the Celts of Gaul. Most noted that the Druids were a class of Celt, who was "excused" from any war making exercises, and were looked up with a level of reverence. All Celts were warriors first. All available men, women, and children were instructed in the art of combat from an early age for the defense of the tribe. This warrior mentality permeated every facet of Gaulish life.

In addition, there were those who had accumulated a higher level of intuitive vision, thereby giving them the ability to harness the energies of the physical plane to produce earthly magic. The Celtic great goddess Danu supported those who had this intuition and began to teach them to use the "earth magic", in return these practitioners recognized the power of the sacred feminine. This understanding would migrate with the understandings that migrated north across the Elbe River to become, just as important, Danu would become recognized as Freyja (the Norse goddess of Love and War), carrying the recognition for the sacred feminine with her. Furthermore, the recognition then began to manifest itself as the inclusion of magical properties within all aspects of Celtic, then Norse life, which would have included war. Reading the later Norse sagas, we find where special classes of warriors included the use of the Landvætti (spirits of the lands) into acts of combat, this tells us that magic is not limited to any one group of people. This is where the bloodstream of modern humans would carry the magic of our cultural history.

A Druid or Shaman is designated by the spiritual entities around them in which to communicate with, and through, educating the physical humans in the community. In indigenous beliefs, there came individuals who were enlightened who could communicate with the spiritual realm, as well as the deities, and these men/women were known as Druids, Volvas, Seidrs, or Shamans (depending on where you were). These individuals typically receive a channel of communication from the spiritual entities who wish to teach the physical beings lessons of wisdom from the ages. These lessons were provided to the Shaman in their work crossing over between the physical and spiritual realms, then passed on to others. This was the Shaman of antiquity.

Today's Shaman

A Shaman, as per the definition I have been given by the spiritual entities I interact with every day is that of a person who has learned to trust their intuition, exposing themselves to communication with spiritual entities interfacing with the physical realm, then chooses to pass this knowledge and wisdom to others who are seeking. A Shaman is chosen by the spiritual entities, as they may, or may not, have any formal spiritual training. Typically this spiritual connection is through the individual's ancestral channel, however, this is not always the case.

In my case, my personal ancestors have chosen to communicate with me, giving me the wisdom and knowledge that I am charged with passing on to my fellow physical beings (humans). Because of my Celtic-Norse heritage, I am authentic in my beliefs and or discussions. I have chosen to live my life authentically, by being congruent to what I have learned, and what I feel, is the right course of delivering this passed knowledge/wisdom onto my fellow physical form.

Not your Stereotypical Shaman

If you have discovered my page and wondered what a "Shaman" really looks like, I'm not that model to establish the understanding of Shaman on. I am your average guy who happened to receive a spiritual calling to do what I do. Since that time until now I have taken a lot of information from my spiritual connections and collected it into written and spoken form. So that we're all on the same page here, I'm not the stereotypical Shaman we find out in many other parts of the world. I live in an urban city here in Alaska. I swear something terrible. I have bills. I ride motorcycles, and I really enjoy whiskey and self-made mead. I have been married for over 33 years to the most forgiving woman in the world who has charmed my life with five wonderful children, who now have charmed my life with four grandchildren (to date, circa 2023). My journey from the meager beginnings to where I am now has been paved with an extensive list of disastrous decisions, as well as the highest of redemptions. I have come to know who and what I really am. With the gift of hind-sight, I can now see the ancestral influences that have been ingrained in my soul from the very beginning.

So, while there are those who seem more like the stereotype, or a mountain-top guru. I am not him. I am me.

What qualifies me to be a Shaman?

Being a Shaman is not a destination, but a journey. It is not one of those states we reach in life where we have passed some test and are certified as such. Becoming a Shaman opens one's eyes to a much larger, more complex, natural world that humans simply interact with. Most Shamans understand the emotional connection that humans have with a spiritual realm that surrounds us all.

While many may debate the pedigree of a Shaman, most of us come to this realization unknowingly. We receive a channel of communications from our ancestors, as well as other spiritual entities, that educate and inform us of practices of old, as well as the wisdom and knowledge of all that is the spiritual realm. In much the same way, the discovery of a special set of abilities that we are given allows the Shaman to better assist their fellow physical beings with knowledge of what used to be called the "mysterious knowledge", and the phenomenon of the natural world.

Over time, Shaman's will internalize the knowledge and wisdom of interactivity with all lives of the physical and spiritual realms, familiarizing themselves with many things that are above the knowledge of scientists, and certainly that of the limited knowledge of the mainstream churches. Like the interpreters of human languages, we become the interpreter for the language of the spiritual realm.

Tenements of Belief

As a practicing Shaman of the Celtic/Norse people of antiquity, I have several core beliefs that differ from others whom I have interacted with.

  1. First and foremost, while I do not believe in a physical body to retain the spiritual energy of a deity level being, I do know that during the creation of "what is", the entirety of  the universe's energy coagulated into two distinct entities, where each then became self-aware and gained a consciousness. These two energy collections became what we know as deities. I know these two deities as: Freyja (Mother Earth) or mother who represents the sacred feminine. The other collection contains the masculine characteristics, and is referred to as Odinn who is the father of the other deity level entities.
  2. Each physical life form is a spiritual entity at its core. This spiritual entity at our center interacts with other spiritual entities all the time, while helping our physical body properly utilize the spiritual energy absorbed to provide healing and rejuvenation. Technically, the spiritual self (consciousness) is created prior to the conception of our physical form, and is bonded together prior to the assignment of dominant/recessive genes of our DNA. This bonding allows our spiritual self to select certain genes (choosing recessive instead of dominant) to produce a chemical/genetic combination to provide a different level of interactivity and interpretations to event experiences throughout the physical life time.
  3. Each physical being is completely accurate in their interpretation of their spirituality. Whether they choose to acknowledge it or not is irrelevant, their most intrinsic relationship with spiritual entities will guide their spiritual understanding. By offering a different perspectives, we can begin to have a larger view of what we think we know. It is this willingness to expand our consciousness that will foster a better relationship with whatever we interpret as our deity.
  4. There are multiple spiritual entities who interact with our spiritual self all the time. This entities are either: our personal ancestors, other physical being's spiritual core, or the Landvætti (spirits of the lands). These entities pass on wisdom, knowledge, and healing energy to our spiritual self which then distributes this energy to different parts of our physical body as necessary. These entities are interacting with our spiritual self all the time, and some of the knowledge/wisdom passed to our spiritual self is then passed to our physical mind which may create a new synapse with some overarching experiences, thereby creating a level of "wisdom" within our physical mind.
  5. My purpose for experiencing a physical life time is to garner enough knowledge about managing my emotional control thereby ensuring the knowledge and wisdom gained is accurate and can safely be secured within my consciousness. Knowing that emotions are simply the physical mind's ability to translate a particular chemical reaction within the space surrounding the nerve endings throughout the body, allows me to learn how to control the release and management of these hormones into the bloodstream, thereby ensuring the knowledge retained does not have negative emotional charges associated, nor does it corrupt the memory stored.
  6. While I may explain and demonstrate the path to an awakening, I have no responsibility for what others believe and/or practice. When I depart my physical body and ascend to join my ancestors, I will speak (via my aura) to any who seek me out, explaining the path to enlightenment, I have no responsibility to force anyone else to change their beliefs. I may show the way, but have no expectation of anyone changing their trajectory, unless they determine that an alteration needs to be made.
  7. I do not subscribe to the doctrine of any of the mainstream religions. The concept or "heaven" or "hell" has no bearing on my life, or they way I choose to live it. These are simply descriptors of "states of mind" that are temporary and are not a final destination. I do not believe that I have to wait to leave my physical form to visit with my deities, as they are with me every minute of every day, therefore there is no final judgement on our lives.
  8. I do believe that we have a choice as to whether we choose to visit the physical plane of existence again after leaving this physical form. The final objective of our physical existence is to gain the emotional (chemical reactions) control wisdom thereby gaining a more complete understanding of the influence that these "emotions" have on our knowledge.
  9. I do not subscribe to the "only one way to God" taught by mainstream religion. I have no need to go to my gods, as they come to me. Whether they are passing on knowledge/wisdom, or healing energy, they are more than happy to be with me, regardless of what I'm doing.
  10. Everything in my life has a purpose. Either it is teaching me, or fostering me teaching, the idea that coincidence has no merit and does not apply. There is a season for everything. We must look past our initial perception and find the bigger purpose for each experience we engage. While we (as physical beings) have so much to learn, or be reminded of, we must be willing to accept that life's experiences bring us opportunities to realize a different perspective.
  11. Everything within our lives is based on our current perspective. By being willing and able to change our perspective of each facet of our lives, we gain a larger, more in-depth understanding of our existence.

Velkommen to Rituals

As an internationally recognized religious practitioner by three different organizations (Universal Life Church, Celtic Druid Temple, Foundation for Shamanic Studies), the Shaman performs many different traditional services for a multitude of people throughout the world.

Spiritual Guide

The Shaman celebrates the gathering of other entities in an effort to invoke Galdr magic for community health and success. He is pleased to be able to offer his services to lead a public or private ritual for success and the greater good. Our Shaman also performs:

  • Weddings – While primarily our Shaman is of a Celtic-Norse ancestry and association, his wedding officiating can cross the religious practice divide by providing you with a registered holy man within the State of Alaska. Ah, the wedding bells are ringing, the bride and the groom are busy in anticipation for the big event. The Shaman recognizes the power that love has between two people, most importantly he recognizes the power that love has to conquer all. As a spiritual man, the Shaman performs weddings for many different walks of life, and with very few restrictions, the Shaman will proudly join a couple in marriage. To schedule your wedding with the Shaman, please complete and send the form below to us and we'll work to get you scheduled into the Shaman's schedule. The Shaman, being Norse, prefers to perform weddings on Fridays, however, he also understands the working schedules of the rest of us.
  • Birth Blessing – The Shaman frequently visits with new families to provide the blessings for the little ones, in addition to the counseling for the new mother and father. In the days before modern medicine, the birth of a child was not nearly as possible as it is today, however, in recognition of his ancestors, the Shaman offers blessings for the newborn children of his community. Associating the children to their ancestry, and to the culture to ensure their health and safe keeping is something the Shaman is thrilled to provide.
  •  Other Rituals – The next time you need a Shaman to lead a spiritual event, consider using our Shaman as a group leader.
  • Reiki Healing - As a Certified Western-trained Usui Reiki Master, using the methods outlined within the practice of Western Usui Reiki, our Shaman harnesses the energies of the Universe to work within the body’s Chakras, thereby allowing for the healing powers of the universe to flood the body and repair damage. These practices have a substantial amount of science behind them now and allow both physical ailments, as well as mental challenges to be addressed either: in-person, or remotely. The power of Reiki healing cannot be overstated.

Channeled Wisdom

The teachings of the Shaman leads us to believe several key understandings,

  1. No one is wrong in their understanding of their own spirituality.
  2. There is no separate path to our spiritual enlightenment, our life is the path.
  3. There is no special training required to implement our spiritual understandings in our lives.

The Shaman’s channeled segments of wisdom are HERE

Spiritual Beliefs

Spiritual Questions / Answers
  1. Why have you chosen to study and practice the way you do?
  2. Where does this "spirituality" come from?
  3. In laymen's terms, how does the average human receive this spiritual connection?
  4. Why do you feel as if there is this "spiritual sense" you speak of?
  5. What has convinced you of a "spiritual world"?
  6. How can a spiritual world exist in the same time and space, yet invisible to most humans?
  7. What are your beliefs about life after death?
  8. Do you believe in religion?
  9. How does one communicate with this "spirit world"?
  10. What would you say is the most misinterpreted idea of the spiritual world?
  11. What is, and why is the personal "Aura" so important?

Why have you chosen to study and practice the way I do? While technically I am not a practitioner of heathenism, most religious scholars have labeled me as such. I prefer the term, content. I am merely living my life transcribing the teachings I have received from the spiritual "Landvætti" over the last couple of years. So, I'm not really a heathen, that's technically a label from the monotheistic churches that identified anyone outside the folds of their beliefs. Where does this "spirituality" come from? The spiritual connections that all humans stem from the evolutionary days before our brains began to develop into what they became. The animal kingdom maintains a very strong spiritual connection with everything around them, which has convinced me that, we (as humans) must have had this same communications channel within our instinct until it became "second nature" as our cognitive thought processes exploded following the migration out of Africa. Ultimately, our ability to send and receive spiritual connections to our surrounding environment is the primary remaining portion of our instincts. In laymen's terms, how does the average human receive this spiritual connection? I believe that all spiritual communications are received at the "midbrain", or upper portion of the brain stem. This received signal is then associated with and is transmitted to the brain in the form of sensory input. Many among us have a learned skill of discarding the information ("selective hearing") that is the evolutionary tract of discarding some skills. However, if the ability to discard this skill was possible, I believe that many humans would have done it centuries ago, but were unable. This further supports the concept that it is required in the human condition. Why do you feel as if there is this "spiritual sense" you speak of? In the consideration of anthropological psychology, we know that a multitude of spiritual recognition happened throughout the world, yet was very similar at its core belief. As we consider the timelines, we note that these civilizations were thousands of miles apart, and almost certainly had language barriers that would have prevented them from communicating these types of beliefs to others. We can see in the historical record where each migratory group from the birthplace of modern humans developed a spiritual connection to the world around them. I will admit this is the single most important fact that I have found that supports the reality of spiritual existences around us. What has convinced you of a "spiritual world"? As I mentioned above (in the previous question), the independent, worldwide development of beliefs that were incredibly similar at their core was certainly pivotable, however, this fact was introduced to me after I learned to communicate with the Landvætti myself. This communication led to years of education by these spiritual sources who enlightened me about the physiological connection to all of this. The more I have worked within the psychology of others, particularly with the "demons of war", I have come to an in-depth understanding as to who these spirits are, and what they need to accomplish. How can a spiritual world exist in the same time and space, yet invisible to most humans? Human arrogance is rampant here. While the proof of multiple dimensions has existed for quite some time, the reality that there are other dimensions overlaying ours, leads us all the way back to the days that the indigenous American peoples referred to these spirits as "mysterious ways", and the fear of the unknown has always terrified most. The idea that we don't know something, or have a good (scientific) handle on something has been funneled into something to be feared by the early monotheistic practices. What are your beliefs about life after death? I am convinced by a multitude of factors that our physical lifetime is but a time of our existence spent in a classroom. Nothing more. In the early days of my ancestry in Northern Denmark, they believed that following the departure from the physical body, an individual would visit the Nornir sisters ("the fates") at the tree of life where Skuld would read the tapestry sewn by her sister Verdandi detailing the events throughout our lives. This tapestry would demonstrate the honor and other traits to ensure the proper eternal feasting hall to reside at awaiting Ragnorák. I am more convinced today, than I have ever been, that this is indeed what awaits us following our short stint here on Midgard (earth). Do you believe in religion? Religion by its secular definition, yes, absolutely. I am convinced that there is a deity portion to our spiritual existence, that is used to communicate our needs and wants to our deities, as well as the surrounding spiritual influences that can produce results in "real-time" here on Earth. I also believe that many seek too much comfort here in hopes of making things happen in their lives without any associated "action steps". How does one communicate with this "spirit world"? Ask the universe a question. Ask for help with something. Then, be still. Be quiet. Pay attention to thoughts moving through one's mind. Know that you are being communicated with and that we just need to take an extra moment for the truth to reveal itself. Now, I guess I should caveat this by saying, sometimes the answer is "No". There are some instances where your spiritual guides may be directing you in another direction. One has to listen sometimes when we don't want to. What would you say is the most misinterpreted idea of the spiritual world? The single most misinterpreted idea is that spirituality must occur in the physical plane of existence. Ghouls and ghosts from television and movies are total misrepresentations of those types of entities. This would be followed quickly by the idea that we (as the human race) are smart enough to be able to measure, and therefore quantify any existence of life. Humans have become so arrogant in this regard. Just because we (humans) can develop a tool to measure something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It means that the "infinite being" whom we call god is smarter than we are. Why is the personal "Aura" so important? The individual "aura" presents to the spiritual and physical planes of existence a representation of "the self". This representation provides information about the spiritual "completeness" of the individual, displaying for all to see the honesty, emotional status, and vulnerabilities, to both the spiritual and physical planes. This is how many find the attraction to others for friendship, or even more intimate relationships. It is when one's personal aura intersects with another's aura, that truth can be found as to compatibility. But, most importantly, the main function of the aura is to create a vacuum of sorts, to attract communications with one's deity. By producing a message of need, the deity may (depending on other factors) decide to grant you favor in addressing your needs. Sometimes, based on what message we are portraying with our aura, the deity decides to smite us instead. The aura is very important for drawing in the types of energies we would like in our lives.
Spiritual Interview Questions

What exactly is an Úlfhé∂nar? The Úlfhé∂nar of Norse legends were similar to the Berserker that could enter a trance-like state to decimate opponents in combat. Used by King Haraldr hárfagri as "shock troops" (or special forces of the day) to ultimately unify Norway. However, following the evolution further back, we find the Lombards of Northern Germany (Saxony) making threats to send troops "with the head of wolves" to conquer their opponents. The Úlfhé∂nar were the "shaman-warriors" of the Norse age, focusing on the usage of the Landvætti to wage war on two planes of existence. With their command of the spirit world, they could employ the Landvætti to strike fear into their opponents before arriving on the battlefield. When not in combat, many Úlfhé∂nar spent that time working with Galdr magic, to advise their leadership of potential threats.

What led you to believe that you are an Úlfhé∂nar? Ó∂inn appeared to me in a vision to inform me of my life's journey, and to confirm my birthright as one of his Úlfhé∂nar. The event where this was disclosed on my website at [Link Here]. However, I had been on a journey of discovery where a near-death situation of a heroin overdose in a drainage culvert in Tucson, Arizona is really when I began to hear the soft guidance being offered by the Landvætti again. Following three months of terrible visions and struggle, I became clean. That night, my great-grandmother appeared to me in a vision and foretold things to come. However, the journey finally cumulated in my acceptance of my birthright.

What makes you so sure that these "spirits" are not just your overactive imagination? While many have tried to convince me of this, I must say that I am actually more sure of the spirits than I am of most people. I have come to have a relationship with the Landvætti who interact with me every day. We talk about all manner of things within my daily life, as well as spend time transcribing the facts they speak of, as to have it in writing. I am amply aware of the difference between "seeing" something that exists, and something I want to exist. There have been many cases where this gift seems more like a curse.

How do you think humans discovered the spirits throughout the lands? We have to go way back in antiquity. Back to a time when humans were migrating out of Africa and discovering the world. There wasn't as much sound as there is today, and language development (as we know it) was still a series of sounds and not the formal idea transfer that we have today. Yet, many different societies discovered the same idea of other existences upon the planet. The theory would be then, that these spirits must have presented themselves more obviously, maybe even being able to lead those early humans to discoveries known only by the Landvætti knew of. I also believe that the communications between the spirits and other lifeforms are part of the instinctual thinking that many of these early humans still had.

What are these forms you call the Landvætti? The Landvætti come in many different forms, as they have evolved in the same manner that humans have. The first group are the "original spirits of the land", created by the deity in the beginning of time. In Norse legend, according to my great grandmother, were created from the broken portions of the original giant lifeform whom Ó∂inn and his brothers slew to create the universe. In addition, ancestors have free movement across what the Norse called the BiFrost (made popular again by the Marvel films), where one could travel between the nine realms. This means that they are capable of visiting Midgard (earth) when desired. Finally, we find many spirits that never traversed the BiFrost to meet Skuld at the well of Úrd to determine their eternal hall, instead chose to stay where they were their physical existence ended. Either because they left some tasks incomplete, or because they wish to stay with their material things buried with them.

What are the different types of spiritual existences? There are hundreds of different types of spirits within the spiritual plane, however, there are also key ones with whom I have been introduced via the Landvætti. The first is the (so called) "originals" who have existed since the dawn of time. They have witnessed the whole of the earth's creation and humankind's rise to supremacy. They are incredibly wise as they have witnessed much action, and inaction throughout time, and have learned from it, however, these spirits do not possess the sensory experience of events, so they are more factual than the others. The second is the ancestral group of spirits who have experienced the sensory input of physical life, so they can provide more emotional connection than the originals. Finally, the last group would be other life forms. This includes all the animals both alive or passed, the megafauna and the spirits of the environmental pieces (i.e., Sun, Moon, Winds, Seas, Mountains, Rivers, etc.) who have experienced a different sort of sensory input, so, therefore, provide a different perspective on living a physical life as a human. All of these spirits cross paths with the physical plane of life frequently.

What is the "god sense" that you call out? In my understanding of human connections to the spiritual world, there are major "channels" if you will, that foster this communication. The first is the "general" spiritual channel that allows us to reach out and connect to other life forms, as well as them reaching into our psyche. The next is our "aura" which is more or less an extension of the self, or radio tower for spiritual connections to locate. The last channel is our "deity channel" or god sense, and this is where your deity or deities can communicate directly with you to help guide you along your path of enlightenment, and understanding. This channel allows for our deity or deities to give us information that we can use to make our decisions in life. In my beliefs, this channel helps us by providing advice, so that we are still free to choose our path.

How do these spiritual influences "appear" to humans? In most cases I have discovered, this influence will occur to humans as "ideas" they have, or "feelings" they get about different topics, depending on what's being asked. While I have witnessed some physical plane manipulations occur, typically it is at the suggestion of others that these manipulations occur. In lieu of having the appearance of something occurring "magically" many of the Landvætti have learned to simply "encourage" another human to accomplish the task "as an idea they had".

How did spiritual evolution parallel the migrations of humans throughout the world? Again, I believe that the spiritual connections are part of our "instinctual thought process" which is placed in our being before birth. In all living things. The understanding is that the animal kingdom is directly connected to this spiritual plane, and therefore it is part of their internal process to communicate broadly amongst the spirits who can provide direct knowledge about what the animal needs to know. I believe that as the cognitive thought process blossomed within the human brain, we find the instinctual channel began to shrink. Definitely by the time reach the conversion to Agriculture from the hunter/gatherer the instinct has taken a backseat to everything else. In the meantime the spiritual connection was relegated to the "out of direct consciousness" as well, meaning the Landvætti needed to rely on "suggestion" to the modern humans.

Do you believe in the religious "human creation" theories? Yes, and no. Do I believe that a deity actually created two humans, dropped them on earth, and breathed life into them? No. Do I believe that a deity created a design that would "evolve" and adapt to its surroundings to become what the human race has become today? Yes. While I completely support the idea of a group of central deities that manage all life throughout the universe, I believe that those deities have more wisdom than our finite human mind can comprehend. It absolutely amazes me the arrogance of humans to think they are smarter than a deity that made all life in the universe.

Do you use Runestones, Tarot Cards, or an Ouija board to speak to the spirits? I'm glad someone asked. The idea of channeling spiritual communication can be done in many ways, however, as mentioned in the question, there are also a long list of "tools" that can assist us in our focus. The conversations I have had with the Landvætti over the years have been conversations just like we are having here, however, I have been speaking and listening to them for decades now. Of the listed tools within this question, I have chosen to stay true to my Norse ways and use Runestones on occasion. Typically I do a "how's life" question every morning with the runestones just to get the connection re-established, then throughout the day, I have "normal" conversations. Finally, I rest my body and either travel with them, or review information they wish me to know.

Questions Answered

Throughout my studies, and practices of my Norse heritage and beliefs, I have been challenged by many different individuals who have condemned me saying I am going to “Hel” because of my (church labeled) “paganistic ways”. While tempting as that might be, my beliefs are that, as a sworn Úlfhé∂nar of the all-father Ó∂inn, and the Skjǫldrinn covenant of 748, I will be granted passage to Valaskjálf where I will feast, fight, and drink with Týr until the time that all are reborn to fight in Ragnoråk.

However, I want to provide the questions and my answers here, so that others may learn and grow. If you’d like to ask a question yourself, please drop me an email at shaman@akulfhednar.com


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