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As an anointed Úlfhé∂nar my teachings speak to “re”-obtaining a balance in one’s life between our physical being, as well as our spiritual “self”. Throughout the many spiritual journeys that I have made into the psyche of others, there seems to be a misunderstanding as to what this balance is.

Many speak about being equal parts of good and bad, or male chauvinist versus feminist. Replacing the words “chauvinist” with an exhibition of strength, and “feminist” as being weaker or more emotional, which is a horrible translation of those two understandings. While I don’t personally find any value in the word chauvinist, I do know that my wife asks me to open the new pickle jar, does that make me chauvinist? Of course not. It simply means that I have greater hand, and arm strength than she does. However, the idea of a strong male seems to have been demonized due to the actions of a few, in much the same way we find in modern society that actions of a few seem to be able to sway public opinion about all matter of things. The balance is really between the two realms of your existence, the physical side where you have actions and emotions, and the spiritual side where you have unlimited knowledge and wisdom.

My teachings are about finding this balance between the physical world, and the spiritual world. As evolved beings, we have a duty to fully understand our contribution to the world in which we currently exist. Obtaining a balance means that we understand the influence the spiritual world has on our everyday lives, even for those who don’t believe in the “hocus pocus” of spirituality. It means we recognize and respect the spiritual auras created by ourselves and others, as well as their unique connection with the spirits and/or deities.

It is “all about the Puddle”

Recognizing that each of us possesses a different perspective as we stand in a circle around the puddle. By then stepping one step to the right or left, we then change our perspective, as we complete the journey around the puddle, we realize we now have many different perspectives of the puddle. So too is our recognition of the spiritual realm around us. As we embrace the minor differences between our perspectives we begin to arrive at the understanding of the vastness of the spiritual realm around us, as well as its impact on us. This is very important that we understand our life’s journey from many different perspectives which allows us to better understand, and find unification amongst our friends and neighbors within our society.

-Alaska Úlfhé∂nar

Why a Shaman?

The Triad of Human Existence demonstrates the three major areas of influence we humans have.

After decades of studying both: psychology, as well as spirituality, I have come to the realization that they are directly linked. The idea that our biological body creates an environment for our physical brain, and our spiritual core to learn and create memories of a chemical journey called emotions is what has led me to understand this reality. The more I worked with spiritual entities around me, the more I have come to understand the necessity of learning to control our own physical body. This is the understanding of “the triad of human existence”.


Our physical body is conceived by combining a “snapshot” of our parent’s genetic footprint at that time. This “genetic auction” produces the footprint for how our physiological tissues will form, with a bidding war occurring between the dominant and recessive genes provided by our parents. I have been taught that, while most spiritual entity bonding allows for the recessive genes to succumb to the dominant ones, this is not always the case. However, this negotiation is simply a starting point. From the moment of our conception, until the moment our spiritual self leaves the physical body, our genetic manipulation will continuously change. This change is caused by a chemical reaction between hormones within the body. More about this in our teachings, however suffice to say, our emotional roller coaster interpretation caused by this chemical reaction will be a constant source of learning throughout our physical life times.


From the dawn of cognitive thought we (humans) have sought to relate all things to all things, all the time. To this end, we must understand that our brain is likened to a sealed box. The only way to get any information into the box is through five (5) hoses. These five hoses are our senses, touch, smell, hearing, seeing, and taste. The data, our experiences are passed to our brain via these hoses, which are filled with the chemical composition of our released hormones suspended in a potential hydrogen (pH) balanced fluid. Our interpretation and storage of memories through this chemically filled system is what allows different people to store the same experience, differently. From these stored memories come the interrelationships built with other perceived to be similar memories already stored, we call these interrelationships “wisdom”.


What most of us don’t understand is the influence that spirituality has on our everyday lives. Especially those who believe they have cast aside their subscription to any of these spiritual teachings and practices. However, spirituality is not just “conversations” with some deity figure, it’s so much more. Whether discussing the constant connection we have with our ancestors who have left this realm of existence, or spirits of the lands (for me this is the Landvætti), or other physical lifeforms (such as plants, animals, and other humans) on a spiritual level. This is where I have been taught that I need to be. Providing my clansmen and women an understanding of the influence of their spiritual connectivity with the realm around them.

“After millennia of death and conflict, I only seek Harmony and Unity”

— Alaska Úlfhé∂nar

Principles of the Úlfhé∂nar

  1. The first principle to know about my teachings is the focus on “the self”. By being cognizant of who we are, and what we offer our community, is a core understanding we all need to have. We should know that the focus on the self should be shared equally with our focus on our community. We are indeed our brother’s source of strength. By focusing on our selves we should become the best version of ourselves through a process of rebirth within newly discovered wisdom.
  2. The second principle to know is that we are merely students within this lifetime. Being educated by those who have come before us, as well as those who walk different paths than we do. We recognize that the spiritual world intersects the physical one in a vast collection of knowledge and wisdom that should be shared. We recognize the importance that every other life form brings into our existence, and work fervently to co-exist with all.
  3. The third principle to know is that of our constant spiritual and deity influence that will ultimately affect our fundamental psychology. This influence will challenge all we will ever know, ensuring that our knowledge is sound, and secured by the wisdom of our ancestors.  We know that our spiritual connection was once bundled in closely to our natural instincts in the days of our ancestor’s ancestors. It has since been unbundled and exposed, leading to the potential heightened communication with the other realms of existence.
  4. The fourth principle will be that of our connectivity to the natural world around us, allowing ourself to obtain and maintain interactivity with the earth itself. We recognize the spirits of the skies, the waters, the very geography we live our lives in. We recognize the energies stored in all living things, and know that these energies can be both: positive (light), and negative (dark).

While our primary responsibility lies with maintaining the self, it is just as important that we seek a balance with the world around us. This balance is obtained with the pleasant conversations with physical and spiritual interactions we have with those spirits around us. We know that our interactivity is a mirror of our soul, thereby creating either: negative interactions of division or anger, or creating positive interactions when one has a positive outlook of this life’s lesson.

The lessons below are based on my theories, and the teachings I have received from the Landvætti throughout the years of interacting with them. Feel free to investigate each, and ask questions. Hopefully, you too can receive enlightenment.

Spiritual Teachings

In my role as a modern-day Úlfhé∂nar, appointed by Ó∂inn the all-father, exploring and teaching the spiritual world around us is one of the many tasks that I accept full responsibility for. I challenge the standard psychological paradigm instilled by over 2000 years of the “conform or die” type of implementation of the newer monotheistic practices by employing a spiritual connection to the ancestral practice of collaborating with (what were called in old Norse) the Landvætti (or land spirits). Each week I produce an audio message discussing the application of ancient methods to assist in the re-alignment of modern-day individuals to the understanding that was intended for humans. Our show, the Alaskan Úlfhé∂nar, is available below for more information.



As a messenger from the gods, and the Landvætti, I bring an understanding of the influence brought into human existence by the spiritual entities all around us. I teach a message of understanding, peace, and co-existence. I’ve learned throughout the evolution of humankind, NO ONE is wrong for believing in a particular deity. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Judaist, Buddhist, Confuciousist, or Pagan, your understanding that a deity watches over the spiritual influences you receive throughout your lifetime here on earth is ultimately what matters. The most important part of your whole deity relationship, is purely what you do with the information given to you by whatever you call your deity.

Peace, Co-Existence, Harmony, Love, Understanding

Throughout the years, I have been asked many questions about being Dane, about being an Úlfhé∂nar, and about heathenism as a theology. It is here I try to answer them.


Obtaining Personal Balance

Many of you have asked me what it means to “balance” oneself? Is this balance the equality between the “good and the bad”, or “right versus wrong”? It is the balance between the physical self (your biological body within the physical plane), and the spiritual self (your entity within the spiritual realm). As I’ve said before and elsewhere, we were a collection of energies who after obtaining a consciousness (or spiritual “self”) were born to a newly conceived biologically physical body to inhabit for a physical lifetime. At the end of the biological body’s lifetime, our spirit exits the physical plane and enters the spiritual plane of existence. It is our existence here in the physical plane that provides our spiritual self with the experiences of life. We (those living our physical lives) must seek a balance between what is needed for the physical self while ensuring we properly care for the spiritual self as well. This is the balance that is intended to be understood.

Fundamental Understanding

Throughout the decades of providing spiritual counseling for individuals from the many different “walks of life” I have always considered the method of translation that these individuals’ ancestors had completed on their understanding of the spiritual influence that altered their fundamental psychology. I have sought, and received enlightenment on this subject, and have been educated that NO ONE IS WRONG! This is a huge paradigm shift from what is taught in mainstream practices today and explains all of the uncertainty I’ve had about these practices. In consideration of most practices, they focus on a singular source, and that’s all right. The idea that they receive wisdom and guidance from what they believe is their deity layer is what can get them through this physical existence. My hope is that all peoples come to understand that “believing” in a different path, is not bad, it’s just a different translation, and it doesn’t make anyone better or worse, just different.

Within every journey of enlightenment, there is a beginning, the first step into the unknown. This is where we find ourselves here now. As we engage our journey we must learn to put aside those ideas of division, inequality, and hate. We must seek cohesion, unity, peace, and harmony, and love. We must seek out those who retain darkness within their soul and help them to free it, so as to move forward with inner peace. We must cast aside the idea of a singular identity of our deity, and even the number of deities that we worship. Instead of finding methods to divide our people, we must find commonality. We must not believe that others need to be “saved” because they don’t worship the same way we do, embrace their uniqueness.

As we travel down our path to our destiny, we must not seek to shame others of their practices or beliefs, but accept the facts that they are different. Not better, not worse, just different. By shouting the narrative of equality in everything we believe, and recognizing the wonders of diversity, we can bring forth unification of all peoples and beliefs to create a harmonious joy unlike ever recorded in history. This must be the end goal for all peoples of all nations. To diligently search for unity.

When we consider the possibilities of multiple societies, developed thousands of miles apart, with absolute minimum contact, yet still able to come to a VERY similar understanding of the spiritual realm in relation to the physical realm, it becomes more proof-positive that our ancestors retained their abilities to communicate across the realms. As we do a “deep-dive” on the spiritual beliefs around the world in the days before monotheism or polytheism, we find the independent understanding being part of their everyday function.

Code of my Ancestors

In much of popular culture, the representation of my ancestral heritage is portrayed as violent, less intelligent, individuals who essentially “raised Hel” wherever they went, bent on waging war, raping and pillaging, and drinking volumes of mead. However, those stereotypes are the Hollywood fear mongers attempting to usurp the influence that our ancestors had on the world. My ancestors followed a strict “Code of Conduct” which could result in eternal swimming in a venomous river until Ragnoräk.

Our Weekly Show

The principle idea behind the show is to help people untangle the moral values that have been forced upon the world’s ancestry since the birth of monotheism and relieve the deep-seated, unconscious, causation of stress and depression. By dissecting the modern understandings of, and removing the ramifications programmed within the thought process by the concept called sin, I hope to be able to assist listeners in re-establishing their self-esteem and minimize or eliminate the guilt/shame cycle that is a major factor in depression.

Each week the topics will cover different pieces of those factors that have influenced our thoughts, beliefs, and practices today. Speaking from an ancient Norse paganistic perspective, the show highlights those programming constructs that have emblazoned deep within the human mind and then teaches those who want to know how to break the cycle that has been so destructive throughout the generations of human existence how to be free.  One of the main tenements here is the center of all Norse functions, “the self”. By helping people understand that it is the self that is in complete control of the tapestry of our lives. We make choices and live life without the need for handouts from an imaginary being, relying on our gods to guide us in ensuring our honor stays intact.

Our podcast “Alaska Úlfhé∂nar” is a half-hour, weekly produced audio podcast, that is the culmination of five decades of theological studies throughout the world, interlaced with substantial amounts of cultural psychology, intersecting with the discovery of my own ancestry and cultural beliefs blended with wisdom granted by the all-father Ó∂inn, as well as the Landvætti. Our show uses the old Norse oral tradition to introduce the Old Celtic-Norse (predominantly Dane) traditions, and understandings of those spiritual conditions that inhabit Midgard with us. We speak to the reality of the Norse peoples throughout the evolution of humankind and the coexistence of peoples. Our show includes discussions about the spiritual influences that we all have, as well in-depth discussions about the origins of spirituality, and its magical properties. Through the studies of both: academia, and my personal cultural heritage, I have come to understand the definition of who, and what I am in relationship to the world around me, as well as my context within my community.  My show attempts to shed some light on spiritual freedom and encourage hope and foster personal success by following in the traditions by the ancestral oral traditions.

While in times past the Úlfhé∂nar were the special forces (or “shock troops” for King Haraldr hárfagri in his quest to unify Norway) within the Norse sagas, the other side of the Úlfhé∂nar were that of Shaman-warriors and shape-shifters (hamrammir). In my family’s bloodline, the traditions and of being an Úlfhé∂nar meant I embraced this Shaman side with the gift from my deities and the Landvætti. While I have not forgotten the skills of war, I encourage and promote the idea of peace. In the tradition of my Celtic ancestry, I promote the inclusion of all peoples as my equal until proven otherwise.

I respect the ways of my ancestors and promote their beliefs and values as it applies to modern-day issues facing my friends and neighbors. If you are experiencing overwhelming stress and/or anxiety, feel free to reach out to me at shaman@akulfhednar.com.


We wish to sincerely thank the “insanely good” talent of Danheim for granting us the permission to use his fantastic song “Úlfhé∂nar” behind our weekly podcast. Thank you so much. Please visit his website at Danheimmusic.com for more of his fantastic music.
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What is Skáldskapr?

Skáldskapr translates in Old Norse as “a poem – written in verse”. While I use the skáldskapr here to speak about the lessons that I hope that my listeners take away, ultimately I attempt to put the lessons into some poetry. In the time of my ancestors, the ability to provide poetry would have been a very sought-after skill. In those early days, much of the legends and stories would have been an oral tradition that generations would have passed onto generation after generation. It is these oral tales of conquest and victories that would have provided the foundations that the Christian church would then translate and document for us today.

Contained within each of my Skáldskapr posts contains lessons that may, or may not contain either: poetry or ancestral tales to further demonstrate the point of the post.