Lǽring: Lessons in Humility.

Hello my friends, Today’s lessons are in humility. Remember, you can hear these, as well as our weekly podcast on our website at forn-sidr.akoutlaw.com. As well, you can find the written copies of these that you pass on to those individuals who may be hearing impaired.

Humility. That character trait that many misinterpret as weakness. So many brag about destroying, yet it is the underlying quality that drives the human race. Humility is the ability of an individual to set aside their needs and wants, and completely focus on helping another human being. While many assume that this is the origin of hand-outs, it actually began as a demonstration of a hand-up. Obviously, these two phrases are diabolically opposed as to their implementation and understanding. The hand-out signifies a group of individuals who have found comfort in accepting the charity of others without remorse, nor shame. They have foregone the idea of pulling the weight themselves, instead choosing to allow the additional clan members to pull the weight, yet still, relish in the successes of the whole.

In a world surrounded by the “me” generations, we find the idea of humility has really moved to the lost subconscious minds of many, yet it still lives powerfully in others. We all need to take lessons from those who retain this skill. Being able to set aside our own desired personal gains and sincerely look to help our fellow humans get up on their feet. In the same way, we must install “honor” back into those parts of society who have found it easier to seek this charity offered by others. However, society has built the paradigm of charity being easier than self-reliance. We must undo this mental paradigm for us to truly become a clan again.

How then, do we begin our lessons in humility? The first step in seeking to humble again is to internalize the idea that we are acceptable to our society just the way we are. For many need to have self-value, and they are right. However, it has been the yardstick of society that many have used to measure their self-worth, which is opposite by the way to reality. We need to take a good, long look at ourselves are realize that the gods formed, and the fates molded us, to arrive at the perfect place in space and time. While we travel our path through this physical lifetime, we are given direction by the fates in the form of setbacks, and advances, allowing us to really choose our path. Every second of our lives we arrive at where we are supposed to be, where it’s OK to be. The setbacks are designed to allow us to seriously consider the path, while advances are designed to move us through to the next challenge (or decision) we must make. We are perfect the way we are, no matter how broken society perceives us. By moving past what society may label as a blemish, we can begin to accept that we are the perfect combination of what the gods formed, and the fates molded. 

The next step in humility is empathy, by understanding the paths of others, ours then becomes clear. By using our intellect we can “imagine” what it’s like in someone else’s path, even if only hypothetically. While some have carried a burden beyond our possible full comprehension, the intrinsic desire to understand the path will allow our empathy to seek out connections to the heart. It is these connections to the heart that can allow individuals to truly experience humility in its most raw form. Empathy is not weakness, but great strength. By being able to put aside our own needs/wants, we will begin a true journey toward the understand of our fellow humans, and truly embrace the strength of humility.


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