Interview with Graciela Moore

In this interview, the Shaman is joined by a wonderful gift of a person, Graciela Moore. Their discussion centers around the retention, and rebuilding of surrendered hope in our lives.

Graciela Moore 

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, with a BA in Literature & Film with a background in sales, marketing and consulting for the past 8 years. She was a spiritual child, always in tune. Thirty years of working hard for things and waiting a long time for blessings to materialize (like this one) she developed the Hope Series as a coaching conversation that takes people from hopeless to hopeful! Everything she does is spirit-led and she is just honored to do this work on behalf of the Creators. Her mission is to assist Highly Sensitive Empaths (or anyone) on their journey into soul-alignment by facilitating a transcendental experience through mindfulness, confidence and hope.

Find out more on her website at 

You can also find her on Instagram @SongofMyself.IG

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