Working with the Shaman

Working with the Shaman

Our Shaman is a dedicated man concentrating on helping many different people by:

  • – Recording a weekly teaching for the public to consume and learn.
  • – Recording daily teachings that are posted as a blog entry to remind us of the learning opportunities we have.
  • – Visiting with many different people both: in-person, and online, assisting them with their mental health.
  • – Visiting with different groups to help them obtain their cultural identity and heritage.
  • – Performing periodic ceremonies for others, as well as his own prayers and meditation.
  • – Visiting with other practitioners and learners around the world both: in-person, and via technology

If you wish to schedule some time with the Shaman for other services, you can begin the process by reaching out to us here at If you wish to use our scheduling services to schedule a half-hour interview for a production with the shaman, you may use the link below.

Scheduling the Shaman

Sending invites for the Shaman to attend:



Working on the Shaman’s Schedule

Using the calendar below, get on the Shaman’s interview schedule. The Shaman uses to record interviews.

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