Introducing our “New” Format.

Starting September of 2022

Bringing changes to the Shaman’s messages.

Here at the Alaska Úlfhé∂nar podcast we are changing things up a bit. With the introduction of a new production team, in alignment with the Shaman’s busy schedule, we are making a few changes to the format of the podcast. The most obvious is that the shaman will no longer be recording interviews, he may be invited to participate in other’s shows, but the shaman will not be providing the interviewing platform. In addition, you may hear the shaman’s favorite co-host (his dog Astrid) on the published recordings, as she participates in all the recorded messages he offers.

Our other notable changes:

  1. Changing from a weekly show to a bi-weekly show, meaning that we’ll release a new podcast message every other week.
  2. Changing from a 30-minute show to just over 20-minutes per episode in an effort to be more concise and easier to listen to.
  3. Each 20-minute episode contains three main objectives:
    1. The oral story. As was the customs of his ancient Norse ancestry, retelling history and lessons were done via gatherings within the villages. This oral tradition is what led to what we know today of the Norse peoples.
    2. The teaching session. After each story, with its message, will be a teaching to include how to apply the knowledge from the oral story into our modern-day lives.
    3. Meditation topic. Each episode will contain a meditation topic for that week. The idea is that we take time for ourselves to mentally heal our minds and spirits by focusing on the topic.

The idea behind the new production format is to bring the message from the shaman to the public in an easily digestible format that we can focus on making better each episode. If you have a topic for the shaman, you may submit it via our email address at


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